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TAWI has served industry for over 80 years. We focus on developing complete solutions to substitute manual lifting. Our products save backs, knees and shoulders and help create a more effective handling of goods, thus saving money for our clients. All TAWI products are designed and manufactured in Kungsbacka, Sweden. They are distributed through our subsidiaries in Great Britain, USA, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and distributors in some 50 countries. Our
know-how is based on years of experience in cooperating with distributors and clients. We are proud to be the most complete supplier of solutions for lighter lifting with products that are easily integrated into existing systems. VacuEasylift was patented in 1980 and became an immediate success. Our vacuum lifters are now available in 20 models with capacities up to 270 kg. The system is as easy to install as to operate and handl


  • Lyftman LR-System – lightweight crane systems and jib cranes

    Not many environments are exactly alike. Therefore, TAWI offers the markets most flexible crane system – Lyftman. The system is available in both steel and aluminium profiles and is easily integrated into existing workplaces.

    TAWI manufactures Lyftman LR-Systems consisting of monorail, single girder cranes, twin girder cranes, curves, low built systems and floor mounted constructions. Available in both steel and aluminium profiles. Our crane systems and jib cranes are manufactured based on the Lyftman LR-System profiles - the reliable and cost effective aluminium and steel profile LR86/113/120/170.

    Our steel profiles are produced from cold rolled, single piece high strength steel. The self-adjusting joint concept is designed to simplify installation. Our automatic powder coating line ensures high quality resistance to corrosion and long lifespan. With four basic track sizes and self-adjusting joint concept an optimised combination is always guaranteed. Offers a span up to 8 meters between supports for ceiling structures with infrequent support points.

    Lyftman manual jib cranes are available in four basic versions for installation on a wall or column to handle goods up to 125 kg. A majority of the models are available with jib arm in aluminium to offer the least amount of friction, achieving smooth operation. These jibs can be installed to a wall or column and are suitable for lightweight goods handling. The radius of action is available between 180-270 degrees. Arm length is available up to 6 m.


  • Protema Electric Lifts

    Protema electric lifts are very versatile and makes lifting and moving goods easier in all types of industries. The Protema lifters are available in seven basic models with a wide choice of accessories and application tools, many of which are custom made solutions that have been designed and developed over the years with the help of many customers and Protema lifter users. Protema lifters are battery operated and designed with a robust chassis and reliable electronics. With Protema lifts, difficult and potentially harmful lifting can be avoided and an ergonomic method of moving goods can be achieved.

    The stainless steel powered lift CleanRoom 80 is designed to function in the most demanding environments and to withstand the tough sanitary requirements within food processing and many chemical and pharmaceutical work areas. CR80 is IP65 certified. The IP65 regulations are an encapsulation requirement which applies to products with high reliability demands where water or dust could cause problems.

    The first Protema lifter was developed in 1977. Today’s third generation lifts are a result of years of practical experience and development. Industrial kitchens, pharmacies, libraries and manufacturing companies use electric lifts to lift boxes, rolls, sheets and other goods.


  • VacuEasylift Vacuumlifter

    Are you looking for a Vacuum Lifter that eliminates manual handling? VacuEasylift is the original vacuum lifter that lifts, lower, rotate and tilt loads using vacuum. Makes lifting easy and safe in all possible working conditions for both the operator and the product, in manufacturing and mechanical processing, warehouses and distribution terminals.

    VacuEasylift is a manual vacuum lifter, which handles almost all types of loads. There are models for lifting sacks and boxes, sheet wood and metal, panels and much more. The extremely smooth and quick operation is accomplished by using the same handle to lift, lower and release the load and by using the vacuum to hold and lift the load. Based on a unique concept, VacuEasylift has been developed into a versatile and ergonomic system for simpler, safer and more effective lifting.

    VacuEasylift is manufactured by TAWI. We construct suction feet and tooling for lifting sacks, boxes, wood and metal sheets, panels and much more. Smooth and quick handling is guaranteed by using one handle to lift, lower and release the load, while same vacuum is used to hold and lift the load. This lifting system is simple to adjust to suit loads and requirements of most industries. Stainless steel alternatives are available for cleanroom demands. With VacuEasylift you achieve a combination of efficiency, ergonomics and economy that can not be matched by any other lifting system


  • VacuCobra Vacuumlifter

    The VacuCobra vacuum lifter is ergonomically designed for high speed lifting of boxed goods up to 50 kg.

    VacuCobra is specifically designed to lift boxes of different size and shape weighing up to 50 kg…quickly! By adding a swivel function integrated in both the top and bottom of the tube lifter rotating the goods and not the lift unit, high precision is achieved.

    Stainless steel alternative available for cleanroom demands. Both the swivel and an angle adapter ensures full freedom of motion when gripping the load. The quick-release function makes sure no time is wasted when releasing the load.

    The fingertip control can be adjusted from the right to the left side of the handle in seconds to suit right and left handed operators. The suction cup will secure the goods safely from the side as well as from the top. A lightweight aluminum jib crane provides safe and smooth operation


Product news

  • ViperHoist - New advanced wire hoist!

    The ViperHoist wire hoist is the new most flexible addition to the TAWI hoist line! It is one of the world´s fastest hoists making it your best choice for efficient and safe lifting. The ViperHoist offers good ergonomics as well as easy, safe and flexible handling for all types of applications.

    ViperHoist comes in two models: ViperHoist60 with max capacity of 60 kg and lifting speed of 0.75 m/s and ViperHoist120 which can handle weights up to 120 kg and lifting speed of 0.35 m/s. Both models offer quick and smooth operation. The hoist is easy to install and require very little maintenance.

    The ViperHoist is designed to offer high flexibility, any desired tool can be combined with the hoist. A quick coupling tool enables higher flexibility and use of multiple tools on the same hoist. Hight quality, great flexibility and low cost cycle cost makes it easy to choose the ViperHoist.


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