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Techprint (Secure & Safe Techprint AB)

Techprint (Secure & Safe Techprint AB)

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Techprint offers a wide range of 4-colour digital printsystems for labels roll to roll.


  • QL-800 Inkjet Colour Label Printer

    The QL-800 is a high productivity, tabletop color label printer designed with the most advanced inkjet technology on the market today. With its powerful digital color engine, the QL-800 enables you to print your own color labels, saving you money and time compared to purchasing excessive pre-printed labels from a commercial label printing company. Use the QL-800 to print beautiful, perfectly tailored product labels that will please and inform your customers and business partners.

    The QL-800 is designed with an excellent combination of speed, vibrant color and resolution with an easy to use high quality output. With a compact footprint, it easily fits on your desk or tabletop. Combining the printing ability of both narrow and wide format labels with one printhead, the QL-800 is the best tool for customizing your product labels in affordable small quantities.

    A true digital printer, the QL-800 easily prints labels with any text, barcode, or color graphics in affordable small batches, perfect for labeling multiple different products or labeling for different wholesale customers.


  • Trojan T2-C High Volume Tabletop press

    First High Volume Tabletop Press Designed with Full Capacity of a Larger Press
    Fast print speed up to 12 inches per second (60 ft per minute)
    Superior print resolution up to 1600 dpi
    Print width 2″ to 8.8″
    Compact footprint – less than 4 square feet
    First tabletop press to operate at the high-volume capacity and precision of a digital press
    The T2-C is the first-ever high capacity, high volume tabletop label press capable of delivering precision over long runs. Producing consistent, high-volumes in 24/7 production, the T2-C opens new doors in the label printing industry.

    This high volume tabletop press is ideal for brand owners, print shops, and small label converters looking to add high-resolution color inkjet labels to their portfolio. More importantly, the T2-C operates quietly and comfortably fits into any size print department with its small footprint of 4 square feet.

    Moreover, the T2-C provides labels suitable for commercial labeling with a superior print resolution of up to 1600 dpi. Also, labels can be printed in multiples or as one large label in a print run because of the 2” to 8.8” width area capabilities. Above all, its impressive print speed of up to 12 inches per second allows users to generate long runs within a short period.


  • Kiaro! QL-120 Professional Tabletop Digital Label Printer

    The Kiaro!® QL-120 is the newest member of the Kiaro! color label printer family, featuring industry-leading print quality, reliability, performance and connectivity.

    Built on the pioneering Kiaro! color label printing platform, the Kiaro! QL-120 features enhanced print speed, seamless integration into desktop or enterprise platforms and high-quality color labels that rival flexographic labels. By taking high-quality label production in-house, the QL-120 eliminates the need for costly preprinted label inventory that usually develops from obsolescence, revisions or regulatory changes.

    Simple to install and easy-to-use, the QL-120 delivers premium 1200 x 1200 dpi color labels in an as-needed basis and cost-effective manner. Offering flexible print widths that are unmatched in the industry, the QL-120 enables users to print labels as narrow as 0.5” or as wide as 4.2” on the same device.

    Ideal for: food and beverage, biomedical product, nutraceutical, hardware, e-liquid, personal care products, cosmetic, promotional products labeling and more.


Product news

  • New printer from QLS!

    NEW! QL-800
    QL-800 is a brand new product from QuickLabel that provides a new dimension to inkjet color label printing.

    QL-800 is an inkjet-printer from QuickLabel based on the latest technology and it´s the fastest in-house digital colour label printer on the market.

    * High speed up to 305 mm/s
    * High resolution 1600 dpi
    * Prints labels from 51 mm up to 211 mm width
    * Roll to roll
    * CQL label sofrware is included


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