Empack Stockholm 2016 - Kistamässan, 05 - 06 October 2016

The future of packaging technology

Nycopac AB

Nycopac AB

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NYCOPAC designar, konstruerar och producerar innovativa emballage och förpackningar till den Svenska industrin och för varuhus-och butikskedjor


  • pallet lids and dust lids for crates

    We are one of the biggest producer of plastic pallet lids in Sweden. Nycopac produces half and full Euro pallet lids but also taylor made lids for special applications. We normally use vacuum formed PC for the returnable lids and roll fed thermo forming for one time use lids.


  • Foldable pallet box

    Our sleeve system is adapted to the Scandinavian climate and can endure tough treatment in cold conditions.


  • vacuum-and thermo formed interlayers

    We design and produce interlayers in plastic - PC, PP, ABS, PET, PS using vacuum forming, roll fed thermo forming XPE, XPP


Product news

  • Pallet Lids for one time use

    At Empack 2016 NYCOPAC will present the first plastic pallet lid for one time use. The objective has been to offer a plastic pallet lid at the same price as for a lid made of plywood.
    We will offer a special price for orders signed during the Empack Fair


  • Beams for cylinders, axles and pipes

    NYCOPAC offers cheap and extremely durable beams to replace the wooden beams today used in the industry. They leave no dust, they can stand washes and most chemicals.
    We also produce beams for one time use.


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