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  • Wellplast® PPC - Plastic pallet concept

    Wellplast® PPC – Plastic Pallet Concept is built on a common platform of pallet and lid that can be used with pallet frames or sleeve. The pallet and all components are very robust and built for long term use in return systems. The concept is developed with efficency and ergonomics in mind. The unique pallet frame improves handling.


  • Wellplast® - Corrugated plastic

    Corrugated plastic for packaging such as for example, interlayers, boxes, trays and interior fitments. Wellplast® is the trademark for our high quality corrugated plastic material. It is produced in sheets by extrusion from 100% PP-plastic (virgin or regenerated). It is produced in many thicknesses between 2 and 10mm. It is very light weight and very durable, why it is specifically suitable for return systems. White is our standard colour, but it can be produced in other colours. Additives can be added to achieve other characteristics (see in table below). Except from corrugated plastic common names are twin wall sheets and fluted plastic sheets.


  • Packaging for pharmaceuticals and medical technology

    Secondary packaging for pharma and medical technology
    Cleaner production
    Cleaner products
    End product in clean zones
    Carrier in sterilizing processes
    Avoid washing of returned packaging
    Keep medicine refrigerated or temperate
    Wellplast AB is manufacturing an exclusive disposable packaging material which is both clean and moisture-proof and is therefore also suitable as secondary packaging in clean zones. The company has built up a thorough know-how about what is needed for a packaging solution to work in every step. This know-how has been built up in close cooperation with packaging developers within the medical and medical-technical industry. Function, purity and delivery security are our guiding stars. Wellplast AB delivers everything from interlayers and boxes to advanced package interiors.


  • Wellplast® Pallet lid and pallet trays

    Wellplast® Pallet lid and pallet trays are delivered flat and folded with self-locking short sides. They can be used as trays on a pallet or as a pallet lids. Can also be equiped with a frame to become a pallet box.


  • Wellplast® Pallet boxes/containers

    Wellplast® pallet boxes consist of pallet lids and pallet collar. Either the pallet collar stands directly on the plastic pallet. Alternatively a pallet tray is used on top of a pallet. The pallet boxes are a very good alternative to pallet frames when you wish to save weight or don’t have a good return flow of the packaging.


  • Wellplast® pallet interlayers

    Wellplast® Interlayers, top sheets och bottom sheets
    Pallet interlayers are in most cases delivered in measurements adjusted to standard pallets with or without pallet collars. Other measurements are available on customers’ requests. Can be delivered with cut corners to facilitate the lifting of them out of the collars. Pipe direction is optional.


  • WCI® - Wellplast® Corrosion Inhibitor

    With the material WCI® Wellplast AB can offer a unique solution where the box, interlayer or the interior actively protect all metals from corrosion. WCI® is the trademark of the material and it is an abbreviation of Wellplast® Corrosion Inhibitor. In fact it consists of the material Wellplast® with a corrosion protective effect. Technically we have managed to bind the anti corrosive substance VCI in the polypropen plastic which Wellplast® partly consists of.

    - Effective corrosion protection
    - Simple and quick packing
    - Avoid greasing and washing
    - Keep the details clean during transport and storage
    - Adjusted for automatization and robot packing

    Nowadays metallic details don't need to be greased before storage and transport. This also means that they don't need to be washed before assembly. WCI® keeps the products clean at the same time as it keeps the parts corrosion free. It is also an effective alternative to the corrosion protective paper and bags as it accelerates the unpacking. WCI® is usually used at automatization of the packing process. WCI® packages facilitate the packing of robot details (parts).


  • Wellplast® V3

    Wellplast® V3 has been developed in order to create packages for humid environments or where the demands on cleanliness are high. At the same time the material is adjusted to be converted to packages in machines traditionally used for converting carton and corrugated cardboard.

    The mix of raw material is unique. It does not contain paper but consists to the major part of chalk (calcium carbonate, CaCO3). Polypropylene plastic is used to bind the chalk.


  • Wellplast® Flexi SOFT

    Wellplast® Flexi SOFT is a material that is used as interlayers, dividers or for "dressing" of pallets. The outer layers (liners) are produced in soft polypropylene tissue. Wellplast® Flexi SOFT is strong enough to work as interlayer for fragile or lacquered products and it is flexible enough to be folded around corners or to be rolled together. It is very suitable for packing scratch sensitive products


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