Sisälogistiikka 2015 - Messukeskus Helsinki, 07 - 08 October 2015

Intra logistics and material handling special event

Visitor profile from Sisälogistiikka 2014 trade event

93% of the visitors said they would visit the trade event again in year 2015.

87% of visitors said that they will visit the event next year

The following professions were represented:

Company management<br />Marketing<br />Procurement management<br />Production management<br />Logistics management <br />Packaging designer<br />Factory- and Warehouse management <br />Distribution and Supply chain management <br />R&D <br />Packaging management<br />Product management <br />Foodstuff specialist<br />E-commerce specials<br />Other 14%<br />14%<br />13%<br />9%<br />9%<br />5%<br />5%<br />4%<br />3%<br />2%<br />2%<br />1%<br />1%<br />18%

Visitors came from following trade branches:

Other manufacturing industry<br />Logistics<br />Wholesale <br />Packaging<br />Advertising and marketing<br />Food and beverage industry <br />Paper and carton <br />Plastics industry<br />Metal industry <br />Retail business <br />Chemical industry <br />Furniture industry <br />Security and surveillance 37%<br />12%<br />10%<br />8%<br />6%<br />6%<br />5%<br />4%<br />4%<br />3%<br />2%<br />2%<br />1%