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EP-Logistics Oy

EP-Logistics Oy

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EP-Logistics Oy is an independent company specializing in logistics consulting for industry, trade, ports and the public sector. The company owners are employees of the company and the staff consists of 15 experts. 10-20 % of the turnover comes from export projects.

The main capabilities of EP-Logistics are development of logistics strategies, production and distribution systems, port operations, facilities planning, material and information flows, material storage, handling and transport, including the business economics involved. Further, EP-Logistics has carried out several logistics R&D studies for EU projects, transport authorities, and regional administrations.

During our nearly 50 years in business, we have accumulated a vast experience by successfully carrying out hundreds of logistics projects. This warrants the smooth and effective execution of assignments from requirement establishment to solution specification and implementation. We invest continually in the development of efficient approaches and project and information management methods. We have developed planning methods and tools to support the development of logistics operations and facilities, e.g. powerful calculation and analysis programs, simulation and animation tools, GIS and CAD programs.

EP-Logistics is a member of FIDIC through the Finnish Association of Consulting Firms SKOL.


  • Automated material handling

    EP-Logistics Ltd. is an expert in automated material handling solutions consultation, trusted widely among Finnish manufacturing and distribution business companies.
    EP-Logistics Ltd. has gained wide experience in developing automation technology systems. Client can rely on EP-Logistics Ltd. to get the system concept to fulfill the logistics needs.

  • Simulation

    Simulation provides wide possibilities to test the functionality and capacity of challenging operations prior to fixing significant investment projects. You can test the alternative models case by case on your computer screen, without risking your investment capital.
    Simulation is a practical tool in different kind of projects. Simulation can be applied in projects such as planning of a new plant or for several re-engineering purposes. Simulation can be utilized to achieve reductions in production costs through reorganization, when there is a need to develop customer service and / or distribution network or to develop the operations within an inland terminal or operations of a container terminal.
    EP-Logistics Ltd has applied simulation in logistics planning projects since 1983.

  • Production planning tool

    With the production planning tool one can optimize the resource utilization according to each production output demand
    EP-Logistics has developed a production planning tool which is easy to implement and fast to operate in various production environments.
    The new production schedule for the changed output demand levels can be obtained within minutes and the user can manage the appearance of user windows, reports and printouts.

  • Logistics planning of ports and marine terminals

    EP-Logistics is recognized expert in functional logistics planning. EP-Logistics Ltd. is experienced in re-engineering and greenfield projects as well as productivity improvement planning for ports and marine terminals and related material flows. EP-Logistics has planning tools and methods strengthened by an excellent international network for the benefit of your marine terminal projects.

  • Layout planning

    The client specific functional layout plan can be achieved with careful logistics planning process.
    The layout planning process combines the logistics processes and their space requirements in all different stages of clients’ material flow.
    EP-Logistics Ltd. is competent and experienced logistics planning professional frequently used by industrial, wholesale and retail business clients, public entities and marine terminal companies.

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