Sisälogistiikka 2015 - Messukeskus Helsinki, 07 - 08 October 2015

Intra logistics and material handling special event

Identoi Oy

Identoi Oy

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Realtime Warehouse with work queues and dynamic wearhouse structure including operations: Picking, Shelving, Stacking, Packing, Shipping, Delivery and Transfers. Resources and warehouse locations on the zoomable maps.

Production Queue Planning and Production Phase reporting

HTML5 mobile solutions for smart phones and tablets powered by Android, IoS and Windows Phone

Work Force Planning, Dispatcing and Resource tracking.

Transport Management Solutions wit Real Time Maps


  • Celesta Plan resource scheduling, dispatching and tracking

    Celesta Plan Workforce & Transport Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring

  • Celesta WMS and HTML5 mobile solutions

    Celesta Mobile HTML5 mobile solutions

Product news

  • E.T.Listat Oy enhances their internal logistics with the Identoi real-time inventory program

    E.T.Listat Oy is boosting productivity with a real-time internal logistics solution by Identoi Oy.

    "Every year we process approximately 20 million metres of construction mouldings, panels and floorboards. With our internal logistics solution we will be able to direct and monitor the production, collection and delivery of our customer orders in a transparent way," says Raine Luukko, managing director of E.T.Listat Oy. He continues: "Our co-operation with Identoi is working well. They have quickly adapted their products to match our needs.”

    The sales team of the E.T.Listat Oy sees, in real time, the progress of customer orders in the production and supply chain. Completion of products in the planing and painting lines automatically creates transfer tasks to the system for the forklift operators. The forklift operators see, either on a map or a list, the production line on which there are new transport tasks to be done. Each forklift operator confirms the start and the completion of each transport task.

    Customer orders are collected and delivered per the delivery direction basis. The stock workers collect customer orders in a modern logistics hall using low collection forklifts fitted with a 10" touch screen computer and wireless BT barcode reader. The system informs the collector of the storage locations where the product to be collected can be found.

    The waybills are to be sent electronically to the transport operator through the Consigor interface. The transport operator may confirm the delivery to the client via a special driver interface created for a smart phone.

    The stock management solution of E.T.Listat Oy is based on Identoi's browser-based Celesta Plan and Celesta Mobile -products. The solution is connected to the iScala ERP system via an interface.

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