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HABA Group Oy

HABA Group Oy

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HABA Group provides answers to the needs of modern wastecare and estate management. Our services also include comprehensive maintenance network and flexible funding solutions. Company has experience of over 25 years in the business.


  • HABA MiniBaler

    The plastic wrap from shipments your company receives represent an undesirable cost once it hits the floor. It has to be gathered up and stored until your waste hauler comes to take it away. Most companies place this waste in boxes, trash bins, or even expensive gaylords for the waste hauler to handle.

    MINIBALER is easily operated by hand. Twine ties are placed in two slots before each filling and flipped over to be tied. A loop on one end makes this easy for one operator to tie the bale.

    With a footprint of only 575 x 700mm this machine produces bales of up to 20 Kgs. of cardboard and up to 35 kgs. of silage wrap. The machine is ideal for use with shop plastic, pallet wrap, silage wrap, plastic bags, shredded paper and light cardboard. It is suitable for Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Offices, Farms, Distribution Centres, Etc. Optional wheels are available leaving the MINIBALER a truly mobile piece of equipment that can be moved anywhere product needs to be baled. Economically priced this machine will eliminate the need for skips or wheelie bins and leave you with a finished bale that’s easy to store and easy to collect for recycling. Needing no power source the machine can be used anywhere and is ideal where space is limited or ceiling height is low.

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  • HABA Compactors

    HABA Group’s high-quality HABA waste compactors offer efficient and economical waste disposal solutions even in more demanding conditions. HABA compactors have strong motors and practical design, and in addition, they are easy to use. This makes them an excellent choice in locations that produce large amounts of waste


  • Balers

    HABA PEL manufacture a complete range of bottle crushers, bin compactors, vertical balers, silage wrap balers and oil filter crushers.


  • SESAM containers

    Ergonomics and safety SESAM containers


  • Underground waste compactors

    HABA LIFT waste compactor is a space-saving and stylish system for all locations in which environment poses challenges to the designer. There is only a small bin on the ground. The assembly underground consist of two units: a container with a metal frame and a compactor. Installation of the hydraulic UG LIFT and SWING LIFT system in a ready pit takes only about three to four hours. The system is well suited to all types of waste and is an efficient solution for recycling


  • Bollegraaf horizontal balers

    The Bollegraaf fully automated HBC balers turn large quantities of waste into homogenous bales. The installations are perfect for wastepaper, cardboard, synthetics and cans, and can deal with all these types of waste without any problems.The capacity and compaction force of the HBC balers ranges from 25 to 180 tonnes. This means that capacity can be entirely tailored to the volume of waste handled by the company.

  • Weima Shredding and briquetting

    For nearly 30 years WEIMA retains its focus of innovation to improve shredding and briquetting technology; it is our passion. We invite you to profit from this growing wealth of knowledge and experience by specifying a WEIMA solution to your next challenge - the WEIMA team is ready.

    WEIMA specializes in manufacturing single-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, and briquette presses that are build to handle a variety of applications. These applications include-- but are not limited to-- plastic, paper, wood, metal, and biomass.

  • Bollegraaf

    The Paper Spike® is designed to deal with Kerbside Paper / Commingled collections and is placed after Screens to remove the remaining OCC from News and Pam. The principle is simple, but very effective. The material is fed in a single layer into the Paper Spike. The belt spikes then pierce the Paper and Cardboard. Then due to the various properties of rigidity, Paper immediately drop off the spoles, whereas cardboard stick onto the spikes and is transported to the end of the line, where they peel off and fall into a separate section.

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