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Rebo Systems was established in 1976 and is a leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of industrial sign and labelling systems.
Our systems are widely used in Europe by maintenance professionals for critical marking applications including: maintenance scheduling, valve and pipe identification, equipment labelling, health and safety, tank and vessel marking, chemical and waste and cables and cabinets.
Rebo’s Systems are well known for their versatility and capability to produce Industrial quality signs and identification. We supply major industrial enterprises through to small businesses, delivery an enormous range of materials to meet virtually all environments and performances.
Because of Rebo’s long standing experience and market knowledge, we offer our customers the best solution for their needs…. backed by an extensive distribution network, manufacturing capabilities and excellent service with a friendly smile.


  • SMS 900 | Industrial Sign Making System XL

    The SMS-900 is designed for the larger, high visibity signs and labels required in heavy industry and critical safety and handling areas. Printing from 150 mm to 220 mm wide, in multi colour, the system also comes complete with a Microsoft approved label and sign design software with all the required Industrial safety graphics. With the addition of custom, pre-printed label templates the SMS 900 delivers instant, long lasting A5, A4 and larger signs and labels in house and with significant cost savings.


  • TORO | Portable Sign and Label system.

    All in one, stand alone industrial sign and label system. 9" colour touch screen, keyboard and powerful sign and label software pre-loaded. Delivers industrial quality sign and labelling at your finger tips, battery powered or mains - totally independent from networks and PC, truly portable, reliable and rugged. With a large range fo materials for high temperatures, low temperatues, oily surfaces, aggressive environments, solvents and oil resistant. Custom materials and die-cuts also easily delivered on request.


  • SMS 400 | Professional Sign & Label system

    The SMS 400 system is a fast, 300 dpi industrial sign and labelling system that includes full network capabilities. Supplied complete with Microsoft approved Nicelabel, the SMS 400 has a heavy duty cutter and an enormous range of materials to meet all the demands of industry and maintenance marking.


  • LOBO | Portable Labelling System

    A new 'grab and go' labelling system. The Lobo prints from 13 to 50mm, is battery powered or mains operated, has an integrated carry handle, full size keyboard and is pre-loaded with label layouts, bar codes and an enormous library of industrial graphics. Ideal for maintenance marking, the Lobo has snap in catridges that calibrate automatically to the type of materials being used - these include long life vinyl, cable marking, shrink tubing, high temperature, cold store, high tack and low tach adhesives and more.


  • ReLINE Floor marking products - Your LEAN 5S solution

    The superior floor marking products of ReLINE are ideal for every industrial condition. The harsh conditions in factories and logistics companies but also work perfectly with workplace design and 5S LEAN projects.

    ReLINE is the easiest, fastest and least expensive floormarking system for industrial floors. The durability and vast size of the ReLINE program makes it the only total floor marking solution available on the market today. If you find that painting aisle striping is too expensive and involves too much downtime, the ReLINE program is the perfect solution for your logistic and facility floors.

    - ReLINE Supreme
    The ReLINE Supreme is the superior choice under non ideal floor conditions. It also has the added benefit of having tapered edges to eliminate most of the potential tripping & impact hazards.

    - ReLINE X-treme
    This new heavy-duty ReLINE is made for critical environments and area where pivoting with forklifts / tow motors can occur. ReLINE X-Treme has a special coated surface that facilitates easy cleaning. The X-Treme as with the DSV, comes with bevel edges to limit damages from dragging of pulling of pallets.

    - ReLINE Lean
    ReLINE Lean is the best solution for marking floors where light work is being carried out and few heavy equipment is used. ReLINE Lean comes in 100ft rolls that are available in 10 different colors and 7 different widths (2", 3", 4", 6", 12", 24", 34").


  • SMS-F1 Professional Label & Tag system

    The SMS-F1 is an Industrial Sign and Labelling machine designed to meet the needs of Industry and the growing range of thicker,
    stronger and more durable materials to meet the increasing needs of dynamic industries.

    Designed to be easy to access, so material changing is fast and trouble free.
    With an extra-tough print head assembly – the SMS-F1 will deliver reliability and durability.
    The SMS-F1 can deliver the smallest die-cut labels through to large signs and notices.


  • Pikt-O-Norm Safety guide

    Rebo Systems provides a complete package of safety signs. In our catalog you will find a wide range of ready-to-use signs, signage, safety labels and much more.
    Are you looking for a special sign, lettering or labeling?
    Just tell us and we will find a solution on a fast delivery time. We will be happy to make you an offer!


Product news

  • The NEW SMS 900 large format safety sign system from Rebo Systems.

    New - the SMS 900 is a system capable of printing in widths of 150 and 200 mm wide, in colour and in a range of pre-printed die cuts and industrial quality materials. Designed to allow in-house production of bigger, high importance signs, labels and notices. The system has already proved to be a valuable addition to 6Sigma and LEAN process identification, improving visual plant and adding to the visibility of important signage and information in large and small enterprises.


  • The Rebo TORO - New Portable Sign and Label System

    Rebo launches the new TORO system. An all new, stand alone industrial sign and label system. Complete with a 9"screen, full size keyboard, pre-loaded software and both mains and battery operated. The Toro is completely network and PC independent. Fully portable, it can produce maintenance marking, safety signs, valve and pipe ID, equipment labels, asset labels, cable and wire marking at the touch of a button. Multi-lingual, easy to use, flexible and a true time and cost saving system gauranteed to improve maintenance processes and identification.


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