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The future of packaging technology

Zymotec Oy

Zymotec Oy

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Zymotec Oy, founded in 1992, imports and manufactures plastic packages and packing materials for industry. Our services include tailored solutions for packing and being part of the design process in order to meet the customers needs in the best possible manner. For electronic industry we provide, in addition to ESD packages, a large variety of other ESD products. We work in co-operation with a multitude of European factories, of which the most important one is Georg Utz AG


  • Corrugated plastic

    Corrugated PP. is durable, moisture and mechanical shock resistant.

    -interlayers: transport of industrial goods e.g. glass-ware
    -construction/building: moisture barrier for walls and floors, door panels, construction panels
    -advertisement: signboards, billboards, bags, briefcases
    protection: protection of palletized load edges, keeping any movable inner parts of appliances fixed e.g. in electric and gas cookers
    - insulation: heat insulation of buildings, thermal insulation of plants (refrigerating machines, dishwashers), tree casing
    - packaging: multiple usage returnable packages, pharmaceutical, automotive and food industry

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