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Arrow Engineering Oy

Arrow Engineering Oy

Stand 3e10.

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ARROW Engineering Oy is a company specializing in maintenance information systems to improve productivity. ARROW systems are used globally in different industry fields, in any size of companies. With help of ARROW system, our customers can raise their production capacity and maintain their production machinery even better.



    Factory’s tasks and development under control with one system!
    GEMA is the guaranteed easiest and most cost-effective way to start developing production according to the Lean principles. This is an MES-level system solution that allows you to engage and motivate the production operator in development.
    The basis for GEMA is the most modern machine data collection on the market, and with the desired features it can be grown into a full-scale MES system. GEMA offers production managers a visual and open way of managing production.


  • ARROW Novi

    Improve operational reliability!
    Novi is a solution for proactive maintenance.
    Manage and develop the service and repairs of your machinery with pre-emptive planning, instead of just reactively putting out fires.
    Novi digitalizes information for management and development of industrial maintenance. The data serves the needs of both mechanics and foremen. With Novi’s clear and visual interface, teamwork has never been this easy.



    Boost manufacturing lead time!
    Andon is an alert and reporting system for production lines.
    Andon enables the operator to slow down or halt production if a problem is detected.
    An alert begins a troubleshooting process and the necessary personnel are summoned to solve the issue at hand.


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