Elmässan Stockholm 2016 - Kistamässan, 19 - 20 October 2016

The largest network of fairs in lighting & installation in the North


The agenda is continually being updated! 

The 2016 inspiring seminar programme featured an impressive line-up of high-profile industry experts and innovative brands presenting helpfull tools helping you in your company growth. Please notice that all the seminars at Elmässan will be held in Swedish.

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Thursday, 20/10 kl 8.30 - Scene 1 BREAKFAST SEMINAR

Alexander Holmberg STF

Alexander Holmberg

Leadership expert, STF

Leadership with clear strategy wins

Learn how to motivate and inspire your employees with the right leadership tools. Register to this breakfast seminar here. 

Thursday, 20/10 kl 9.00 - LIGHT & DESIGN

Olsson & Linder

Olsson & Linder

Designer duo with more than 15 years experience within art and lighting design

Did You Give The World Some Love Today, Baby?

Olsson & Linder is a designer duo who for more than fifteen years has moved between the boundary of art and lighting design. Together, we have extensive experience in a range of projects, primarily in various types of outdoor environments, often created in a participatory process. Their projects have been recognized both nationally and internationally. 

>> Listen to this seminar at Light & Design, register free here 

Thursday, 10/19 kl 9.00 - Scene 2

Hans Nyblom

Hans Nyblom


Elrätt Idébanken 

Learn about Elrätts' tool Idébanken and gain more business and be better at your job. 

Thursday, 20/10 kl 9.30 - Scene 1

Christoffer Boman

Christoffer Boman


Leadership and effective production



Thursday, 20/10 kl 10.00 - Light & Design

Jonas Lindahl

Jonas Lindahl


The latest within lighting

Human Centric Lighting and dynamic lighting, how does it work and what do you have to consider while doing the installation? 

This seminar is a part of Light & Design, register here

Thursday, 20/10 kl 10.00 - Scene 2

Joakim Grafström SEK Svensk Elstandrard

Joakim Grafström

SEK Svensk Elstandard 



Myths around installation laws

SEK dives into the installation business and  helps us understand what’s important.

Thursday, 20/10 kl 10.15 - Scene 1

Christer Olsson

Christer Olsson

Speaker, coach and inspirator.

Develop your leader skills

Beat your competition with the right leader skills! Listen to Christer Olsson’s seminar to learn all about the latest strategies in leadership. 

Thursday, 20/10 kl 11.15 - Scene 2

Belysningsbranschen  Mats Holme, VD


Mats Holme, VD 

Emergency lighting 

Thursday, 20/10 kl 11.15 - Scene 1

Håkan Svanberg Elmässan

Håkan Svanström

VD Svanströms El & VVS

Win business with social media 

How can you develop your business with the right social media tools? 

Thursday, 20/10 kl 11.45 - Scene 1

Fabian Teveo

Fabian Guerrero 

Digital strategist at Teveo, a digital marketing agency 

Digital marketing
How can you improve your digital appearance ? 

Thursday, 20/10 kl 12.00 - Scene 2


Rikard Nilsson




The latest within KNX

Thursday, 20/10 kl 12.15 - Scene 1

Charlotte Einer

Charlotte Einer

VD Charge Amps

The future of charging - connected, scalable and good looking 

Thursday, 20/10 kl 12.45 - Scene 1

Bertil ”Berra” Marcusson

Bertil ”Berra” Marcusson

Professional biker and entrepreneur, known for biking all over the world 

Pairs – Dakar, nothing is impossible

Bertil ”Berra” Marcusson got the chance to make his dream come true. 2003 he made the impossible possible and bike from Paris to Dakar. 

Thursday, 20/10 kl 13.00 - Scene 2

Christofer Silvenius Energimyndigheten

Christofer Silfvenius

He works at Energimyndigheten Testlab with quetsions regarding lighting 

Energy effective lighting and Eco design 

The lighting industry constantly changing, especially when LED offers new possibilities.

Thursday, 20/10 kl 13.45 - Scene 1

Per Fröling

Per Fröling

Svenska Stadsnätsföreningen

Broadband for everyone but how? 

Thursday, 20/10 kl 14.00 - Scene 2

Joakim Grafström SEK Svensk Elstandrard

Joakim Grafström

SEK Svensk Elstandard 



New installation laws

SEK informs us about all new installation laws that we can expect during the upcoming years. 

Thursday, 20/10 kl 14.45 - Scene 1

Robin Forstner
Aron andersson

Draka Kabel, Nexans & NKT Cables

Robin Forstner, Produktchef
Installation -och gummikablar & Aron Andersson, Produktchef Nexans, Joakim Holm Produktledare NKT Cables

CPR – New fire standards for cabels 

Thursday, 20/10 kl15.00 - Scene 2

Nicklas Von Schrenk

Nicklas von Schrenk

Systemsäljare Laddsystem, Rexel

Learn more about charging systems