Elmässan Stockholm 2016 - Kistamässan, 19 - 20 October 2016

The largest network of fairs in lighting & installation in the North
light design


Ames Studio

Creative Manager Amanda Ames

The young & Swedish designer agency Ames Studio is moderating Light Design Summit 


Thursday, 10/20 kl 9.00 - E8

Olsson & Linder

Olsson & Linder

Designer duo with more than 15 years experience within art and lighting design

Did You Give The World Some Love Today, Baby?

Olsson & Linder is a designer duo who for more than fifteen years has moved between the boundary of art and lighting design. Together, we have extensive experience in a range of projects, primarily in various types of outdoor environments, often created in a participatory process. Their projects have been recognized both nationally and internationally. 

Thursday, 10/20 kl 9.45 - E8



Jonas Lindahl, Ljusrum tillsammans med Per Vesterlund och John Sandell, Belysningsbranschens Styr- och reglergrupp

The latest within lighting

Human Centric Lighting and dynamic lighting, how does it work and what do you have to consider while doing the installation? 

Thursday 10/20 kl 10.45 - E8

Monica Säter

Seniorforskare i Belysningsvetenskap Interactive Intitute Swedish ICT Energy and Design

Smart lighting

Thursday, 10/20 kl 13.00 - E8


Andrea Buzzi


Exploring light through the right material

>> See more in this video 

Thursday, 10/20 kl 13.45 - E8


Joel Ring

VR Sverige

Virtual Reality – a must for the future architect