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Geneset Powerplants Oy

Geneset Powerplants Oy

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FI-33560 Tampere

Geneset Powerplants Oy has been supplying diesel generators in range of 6-2000 kVA for more that 20 years. Now available open gensets up to 3000 kVA, different sizes of sound proof units or in containers. We also supply hydraulic generators for power and welding. Our sister company HSM Oy supplies new electric motors from a large stock of 16000 motors with high service level. HSM offers also complete overhaul services including winding. Special cases are our specialty.


  • Sound proof units

    Sound proof units. Usually mobile on a trailer for fire departments, military and smaller water plant applications.


  • Large diesel generators in containers

    Large diesel generators in containers. Usually delivered for airports, harbours and hospitals. Custom decoration options.


  • Open set diesel generators

    Open set diesel generators for custopmers' generator room. Usually for banks, teleoperators, hospitals, airports and harbours.


Product news

  • Latest supply to Sweden

    Geneset Powerplants is adding yet another supply to it's long reference list.
    A large energency diesel generator was installed in Kapellskär Harbour extension for a happy customer.


Job ads

  • Co-operatig partner sought for Nordic markets.

    Looking for partners/ co-operators in Swedish and Norwegian/ Danish markets.

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