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P-A Emilson AB

P-A Emilson AB

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P-A EMILSON AB has been working in the forefront of electronic components and power supply since 1990. What started with fuses has grown in to a complete portfolio of components for circuit protection, sensoring and power distribution.

For the first time in Sweden P-A Emilson AB presents Zhongguang Lightning Protection Technologies Co., Ltd. (ZG), China's leading premium manufacturer of surge protectors (SPD) and complete lightning protection solutions. ZG products can be used in telecom, buildings, charging stations for electric cars, wind power and solar energy, LED lighting, and more.

P-A Emilson AB offers high quality Surge Protection Devices (SPD) from Zhongguang Lightning Protection Technologies Co., Ltd. (ZG) for telecom, buildings, solar, wind power and more.

In our stand you will also find market leading SPD:s, special designed for outdoor LED-lighting, from Littelfuse Inc. We will display a wide range of protection for LED-lighting applications such as road lighting, carpark lighting, park lighting, sports arenas, etc. P-A Emilson also carries the full sensor portfolio from Littelfuse.

P-A EMILSON AB also provide cost effective and high quality OEM manufacturing and assembly at our UL-approved site outside Stockholm, Sweden

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  • Modular Power Supply SPD

    P-A Emilosn AB offers a wide range of Power supply SPD solutions. Together with ZG Lightning Protection Technologies Co.,Ltd. we can find the best SPD solutions for you. ZG can provide various professional lightning protection solutions and full range of advanced products, engineering supports and all services for our customers.


  • Magnetic Sensors and Reed Switches

    P-A Emilson AB offers a broad range of Littelfuse magnetically operated sensors, reed switches and reed relays. All are well-proven designs manufactured to our high standards. With a rich history of leading the industry in providing magnetic sensing solutions, our experts are committed to delivering the best products and solutions for your specific needs.


  • Littelfuse PLED Series

    P-A Emilson AB offers the complete Littelfuse product line for LED-lighting. All the technology you need to protect your LED-products from lightning strikes and other disturbances in the electrical grid and at the same time securing your customers ROI in the transition to LED technology.

    PLED Series Open LED protectors provide a switching electronic shunt path when a single LED in an LED array fails as an open circuit. This ensures that the entire array of LEDs will continue to function even if a single LED in the array does not. This provides higher reliable lighting functions in applications such as headlights, aircrafts, aircraft runway lighting, roadside warning lights, etc.


  • Littelfuse’s LSP05G series (thermally protected Surge Protective Device)

    P-A Emilson AB offers varius SPD products and solutions for applications within a number of industries such as Telecom, LED-lighting, rail, etc.

    In the LED-lighting business Littelfuse’s SPD range represents the best surge protection the market can offer. The LSP05G thermally protected Surge Protective Device is a self-protected device specially designed to be used in outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures for transient overvoltage protection.

    LSP05G series connected option allows clear indication of thermal fault protection by disconnecting power to luminaire, thereby signaling SPD module replacement. The LSP05G Surge Protective Device facilitates customer’s product compliance to IEEE C62.41.2 Location Category C Low and US Dept. of Energy MSSLC Model Spec.


Product news

  • First time in Sweden for Chinas premium lightning protection supplier, Sichuan Zhongguang Lightning Protection Technologies Co., Ltd (ZG)

    As a partner to ZG P-A Emilson AB is showcasing ZG lighting protection products in Sweden for the first time. Come by our stand and take a look the wide range of SPD products for Buildings, LED lighting, EV charging infrastructure Wind power, Solar, Telecom and more!

  • P-A Emilson AB show how to use Littelfuse LSP in LED outdoor spotlight!

    How to protect your outdoor lighting fixtures with the Littelfuse LSP-series terminal protected MOV. Visit our stand to see lightning protection working to add value to your outdoor LED lighting!

    The armature is a LED Dragon from Lumine LED.

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