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  • EL-VIS Info

    Search easily from laws, regulations, questions & answers, standards, formulas, etc. With EL-VIS Info. No matter what industry you work in, the program will facilitate your working day. With regular updates, you can always be sure to get the right information wherever you are.

    When you purchase EL-VIS Info from us, you will also have access to the Electrical Installation Regulations SS 436 40 00, Issue 3. The Electrical Installation Rules also include a number of useful comments.

    If you also buy Standards and SEK Handbooks from us in PDF, these will end up in your EL-VIS Info. All important information gathered in one and the same place.

    NEW! EL-VIS Info is now available as a web application. Take your documents wherever you are. Works in all devices with a modern browser.


  • EL-VIS Cable

    With Sweden's most used cable dimensioning program, you can easily calculate loadability, voltage drop and triggering conditions in one and the same workspace. You get a clear overview of your plant and of course all calculations are made based on Swedish standards.

    When you're done with your calculations, you can easily print your documentation automatically created for you. In addition, you also have the option of adding symbols and filling in project information at your facility to make the documentation more complete.


  • EL-VIS Template

    The requirements for documentation in the electricity industry are growing for each day. Save time, energy and money with the EL-VIS Template. Here you will find a large template library that will help you create all the documents that the industry requires.

    Create your own control program using our smooth template included in the EL-VIS Template for Windows. Using clear guides and help texts, it's easier than ever to fill in the documentation. In addition, there is a special template for you who work in a sole proprietorship company.

    New! EL-VIS Template is now also available Online. Create group listings directly in the field and hand over the facility to the customer.


  • EL-VIS Maxikod

    With EL-VIS Maxikod, you can easily count on tenders and make your production calculations. The program is easy to work in and contains all the necessary features that both small and large companies are looking for.

    The program is adapted to all types of companies, both the big company and the small one-man company. EL-VIS Maxikod is easy to use and work in.


  • Electrical Standards

    At EL-VIS you will always find all the electrical standards that the industry requires. Choose if you want to buy them in digital or printed form. Choosing digital standards gives you free access to our popular Standard Service, which provides you with a host of advantageous features.


  • SEK Handbooks

    Looking for SEK Handbooks? EL-VIS sells handbooks in both digital and physical form. Choosing digital handbooks gives you free access to our popular Standard Service, which gives you a host of advantageous features. In order to make it easier for you and in order to give you a better price, we have developed several handbook packages based on what you are working on.


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