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Fergin Sverige AB

Fergin Sverige AB

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59124 MOTALA

We´re working with luminaires for outdoor use and for tough conditions indoor. Typical projcets for us is for example Railway plattforms, Parks, Facades, Playgrounds and production facilities.


  • Nano 4

    Superlight Nano is a compact floodlight. The efficient optics creat narrow beam, elliptical or wide beam light distributions. The minimalist design allows the floodlight to be integrated into various different architectural Environments.


  • Ecoscape

    Ecoscape is a range of exterior LED luminaires for the illumination of open spaces, streets and paths. They are available in two sizes for various different optical systems. The luminous output can be regulated either by external control systems or by programmable Components which are integrated into the luminaires. The modern design is timeless and maintenance free. There is no exterior detailing on the housing, such as cooling finns, which can trap dust and dirt. There is an exemplary range of pole or wall mounting accessories available for the Ecoscape series.


  • Uplight

    The range of in-ground uplights includes products for various illumination purposes. There is a choice of six housings in different dimensions and wattages which are available with symmetrical, asymmetrical or adjustable optics. The range of accessories includes louvers, optical lenses and a heat block filter.



    Surface-mounted ceiling luminaire with LED and particularly flat housing. Is possible to have in a extreme wide beam version. For example to use in packaging and storage of raw Products, storage of packaged finished Products, changing rooms.


    Tubular luminaire, diameter 75mm. Secured against unauthorised opening using a Stainless steel hexagon socket screw. Easy opening through eccentric locking technology with collapsible handle. For examle to use in handling packaged products and handling raw Products.


    Very powerful luminaire. Gives up to 26 000 lm for the Twin lamp version.
    Application: Packaging and storage of raw Products, storage of packaged finished Products, changing rooms.

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