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Proton Lighting AB

Proton Lighting AB

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33129 Värnamo

Proton Lighting develops and sells lighting and lighting solutions in all forms of industrial, office, school, retail, residential and shop fittings. We have more than 70 years´ experience of public lighting and is best known by the brand Exaktor.


  • Cobra - for demanding environments.

    Tough and effective industrial luminaire which is equipped with mercury free and vibration resistant LED light source. The luminaire can be used in cold environments. Examples of applications include parking garages, outdoor applications and freezers. Recommended installation height 3-7 m.
    Cobra has 5 years warranty.


  • Moln PRO. Elegant light panel LED with a 5 years warranty

    Moln is a thin light panel which is suitable for general lighting for most environments. Moln has a discrete frame in white lacquered aluminum and is adapted for ceilings with visible T-bars but can also be suspended down to any height for stylish lighting effect or mount directly to ceiling with the help of accessories.
    Quick connection between the ballast and LED panel. Ballast positioned externally to lower temperature.
    This product has a warranty period of 5 years from the date of delivery of the goods.


  • Classic luminaire for office and school - TeleLED from Proton Lighting

    The clean design makes TeleLED luminaire suitable for most environments. The luminaire has a finish in white structure with end caps in zinc. Tracks on the sides allows infinitely adjustable cc throughout the luminaire's length with the help of the discrete brackets.
    As standard the luminaire equipped with DALI control. TeleLED has a bright surface down without dark areas, the size of the surface is 950x90 mm.


  • Zenit - highly efficient industrial luminaire

    Housing in aluminum guarantee long service life. Zenit is provided with the latest LED technology and equipped with an all-new optics that make the light very smooth. Zenit Galler is fitted with white grille and is suitable for environments where the luminaire can be exposed to punches or impact.
    LEDs are not sensitive to cold or vibration


  • Ymir - a downlight that fits most environments

    Ymir is an effective and glare LED downlight in white painted aluminum which is suitable for various kinds of false ceilings. The smooth white frame gives the fixture a stylish setting.
    You can choose between three different sizes with different light flows. To get the best lighting solution can also combine Ymir with DALI control.


  • Alioth from Proton Lighting - stylish, slim and bright

    A well planned lighting accentuates your interiors and makes it pleasant for everyone that will enter the room. Alioth is one of many news in Proton Lighting's LED range for public spaces and combines efficient LED light with a slim design.
    Smart features like easy installation and integrated dimmer makes Alioth suitable for both conference rooms and office.
    With Alioth, you can customize the color of the luminaire entirely as you wish. Black and white are always the default colours, but you can order your luminaire in any color you want.
    Alioth is available in two different models, both as a suspended luminaire and in a recessed version. Alioth is designed and manufactured by Proton Lighting in Värnamo, Sweden.


  • Godzilla LED - lights up your entrance and stairway

    GODZILLA LED is suitable for stairways and entrances. Godzilla is a solid luminaire with a luminaire body cast in aluminum characterized by a high level of technology and functionality.
    Godzilla LED is suitable for stairways, entrances etc and are available in several variants with for example motion sensors (RS ) and emergency light. You can choose between two different effects: Class II -15 watts, other variants 17 watts. All Godzilla LED comes with an opal diffuser .


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