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Partex Marking Systems AB

Partex Marking Systems AB

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  • Label system

    Partex label system (PLS) includes a variety of types of labels.
    We offer a series of labels with preprinted adhesive labels made for cable-, wire- and component labeling, 10-roll tape dispenser for easy labeling on site, sheet-labele in A4-format adapted for laser printing and labels on rolls, for printing with thermotransfer printer. For these labels, we recommend our GK420T thermal transfer printer.



    Evolis PRIMACY is a compact and powerful card printer, easy to handle with high capacity. It has fast print speed and excellent print quality. With its sturdy and durable construction, Evolis PRIMACY works equally well in an office as in a production environment


  • ProMark T-1000 -printer

    ProMark T-1000 is the latest addition to the ProMark family. It is an upgrade of our most popular profile printer ProMark T-800. Its menu is now available in English, Swedish, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian languages. T-1000 has also got an expanded symbol library. It has a twin model, T-1000C, with a Russian keyboard


  • Engraved Plates

    Order engraved plates at the same time as you order your wire and cable markers to your cabinet or project – Save money!
    Tape and mounting holes are included.
    You can have any character size you want. (The size of the plate and number of text lines will limit what character sizes that are possible.)


  • PC

    Open wire marker for use on already connected wires.


  • PO

    Closed oval shaped wire marker. Available as pre-printed customized markers or in reels for printing in one of Partex marking machines.


  • PK

    Closed cable marker for marking of all sizes of cables.
    Installed quickly onto Partex PKH or POH holder which is fastened with cable ties around the cable.


  • PA

    Closed wire marker for most application.


  • Thermal transfer printe -MK10

    MK10 is a modern thermal transfer printer for Partex PO-profiles. The printer cover all needs of wire and cable marking and has a high production speed (up to 125 mm/sec).


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