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Elpress AB

Elpress AB

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Elpress has been developing, manufacturing and marketing complete cable crimping systems for electrical connectors since 1959. Elpress is owned by Lagercrantz Group AB. Head office and factory are located at Kramfors, Sweden. Subsidiaries Elpress GmbH, Elpress A/S and Elpress (Beijing) Ltd. with local warehouses are in Viersen/Germany, Silkeborg/Denmark and Beijing/China.

Our products:
Electrical connection systems and complementary accessories.
Material for earthing and lightning protection.
Know-how whitin these fields.


  • Elpress crimp&heat

    – an innovation in crimping technology

    The Elpress concept crimp&heat is a new and easy way of connecting Al cables for applications such as lighting and switchgear.
    The concept consists of both insulation and crimping sleeves, which can accommodate several areas of the cable, supplied in a kit.
    The concept also supports a transition between the copper cable and the new Al cable. In order to crimp the connectors you need just one tool and you can choose between a hand tool or crimp dies with an open matrix that fits in Elpress's 6 tonnes tool system.


  • PVL1300C2

    - ergonomic and well balanced crimp tool with 13 tons crimp force. Battery powered crimp tool with 13 tons force. Uses the same crimp accessories as the other products in the 1300-System.

    PVL1300C2(DUAL) crimps:
    - Cu-conductors up to 400 mm2 (DUAL up to 300 mm2)
    - C-sleeves up to 120/120 mm2

    Technical data:
    - ergonomic design that optimizes the balance of the tool in the users hand
    - buzzing signal and flashing light if right pressure is not achieved
    - LED lightning for work in dark environments
    - crimp force 124 kN (13 ton)
    - crimps/charge: 60-120 depending on size and temperature
    - crimp time: 4-12 s depending on size
    - working temperature -20˚C to +40˚C
    - environmental friendly battery, Li-Ion Makita, 3.0 Ah, 18V
    - battery charger Li-Ion Makita, charging time 22 min
    - LED indication of charge status
    - supplied with robust plastic case, battery, charger and instruction
    - weight 7,3 kg, (incl battery)

    - patented crimp technique for crimping of flexible Cu terminals according to IEC60228, type class 5
    - crimps terminals type KRF and through connectors type KSF


  • PEB-series

    - self-adjusting, compact crimping tools for end sleeves with large working area from 0.14 - 16 mm²
    Elpress is launching a new series of crimping tools for end sleeves. The tools have a compact, self-adjusting mechanism for crimping the end sleeves within the range from 0.14 to 16 mm². The tool is available in two crimping geometries, regular square crimping and the new hexagonal crimping, which is optimized for confined applications.

    - small and compact, ideal for confined spaces
    - lock function which only releases after crimping is complete
    - well balanced so the tool does not slip out of your hand
    - high-friction grip provides the ability to use the tool with a table as a support
    - hole for attaching a safety strap
    - ergonomically designed handle made of grip friendlymaterial
    - low handle force is required when crimping larger areas
    - emergency release if the crimping sequence has to be interrupted
    - tested together with Elpress terminals
    - delivered with certificate for quality assurance

    PEB0160S & PEB0160H
    small handle opening angle - ideal for small hands

    PEB0116S & PEB0116H
    large working area from 0.14-16 mm²


  • System Earthbond

    For earthing of steel, stainless steel and aluminium, e.g. fences, bridge rails, transformer housings, etc.

    The System Earthbond consists of a conical dowel having a thread, flanged bush and the calibrated hydraulic mounting tool VEB208 and a terminal.


  • SBC50

    Flexible and safe screw clamp providing direct contact between conductors.

    SBC50 makes it possible to branch off reinforcement bar with a stranded earth wire in copper or steel. The screw branch clamp can be used in different types of earthing needs, such as earth electrodes, ring earthing, foundation earthing, equipotential bonding, lightning rods. The clamp provides good direct contact between the conductors.


  • PCT54C

    - electric cable cutter; safe and easy to operate.

    - Electric cable cutter for copper and aluminium cable
    - Not intended for cutting steel
    - Max cutting diameter 54 mm;
    equivalent to 1 kV Cu type FKKJ 4 x 95 mm²
    Al type AKKJ 4 x 240 mm²
    Al type SE-N1XV 4G x 240 mm²
    equivalent to 12 kV Al type AXLJ 3 x 150 mm²
    - Charger 7.2-24V, charging time for battery approx. 60 min
    - Weight including battery: 3.5 kg
    - Size LxWxH: 450 x 105 x 120 mm
    - The tool has a scissor action when cutting, which produces a good cut
    - Integrated fuse as overvoltage protection
    - Protective cap for perfect safety, CE approved
    - Delivered with case and double batteries, 14.4V Li-ion


  • MINIFORCE -next generation

    Smart thinking and fully fledged mechanical solutions have enabled us to create the unbeated tool for crimping terminals.Minimal hand force on the handle produces one tonne of pressure in the jaws, a revolutionary improvement on previous tools. MINIFORCE - hand tools for pre-insulated and un-insulated terminals.


  • PVX611

    Flexible and ergonomic crimp tool with large crimp area.

    PVX611 is a battery powered crimp tool with 6 tons force. Uses the same crimp accessories as the other products in
    the 600-System. PVX611 crimps: Cu-conductors type KRF/KSF 10-150 mm², KRT 10-240 mm²,
    KRD 10-185 mm². Al-conductors 16-25 mm². C-sleeves 6/6-50/50 mm².


  • PS710

    PS710 is a hydraulic battery/mains powered pump for crimping with advanced control and supervision of the crimp procedure. It is equipped with a flexible system for almost all crimp applications where high performance and reliability is required. The pump is suitable as well in cable harness manufacturing as for electrican work in the installation field. PS710 has power source for every kind of crimping work. The pump system consists of three basic versions, all with customizing possibilities;

    PS710D - For the cable harness manufacturer.
    PS710E - For the installer working in the distribution network or in the industry.
    PS710R - For the user asking for standard solutions (without need of crimping traceability)


  • System Elpress

    System Elpress symbolizes our cornerstones-safety and quality. In order to achieve a secure connection we offer certified solutions of the combination cable, terminal and tool. For the installation to be accurate, the installer should undergo training in crimping technology at Elpress Academy. For non-standard solutions you can consult us and let our own production and laboratory verify your solution. A preventive service maintance of the tool is the base for the system to work.

    Certification, Academy, Consulting and Service are System Elpress - your secure connection!


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