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Donet AB

Donet AB

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16111 BROMMA

DoNet is a knowledge company that secures the future of computing, telecommunications and system solutions in the surveillance.
We are specialists in networking products, networking solutions Testing and install, and everything in CCTV and video stream analysis.

We are an independent supplier of products today for data / telecom and camera-based surveillance / security.

Current market-oriented system is what we offer.
We are constantly looking for the absolute best in functionality, usability and performance available.

Our customers are the installer with specialist knowledge of computer, telecommunications and camera installations, we can help end users and consulting with the requirements standings, expertise, design and choice of system solutions and individual products.

We offer specialized training to our clients, even with our suppliers. All so that they can perform and deliver a workable solution with the highest needs adjustment and quality.

By combining the products and services from our business areas, we can offer comprehensive solutions for communication and security systems.

Corporate philosophy is based on relationships and we want to build and maintain friendships with our customers before and after our business dealings.

We do business with friends!


  • DoNet

    We are working closely with our customers to understand their customers needs and potential, so relations are important to us since we started 1996 when we said that we will do business with freinds.

    We are covering the Swedish market and for some products also the Nordic and Baltic region.


Product news



    NEW unit from NETSCOUT


  • VIAVI FiberChek™ Probe Microscope

    The "all-in-one" handheld solution for fiber inspection.
    FiberChek Probe Microscope
    DoNet AB Monter A:03


  • Excel Mixed Use Panel

    The Excel Mixed Use Panel accepts either and/or both copper and fibre modules


  • SWIFT K11 Core to Core Alignment

    Swift K11 is the most advanced and best performance core-to-core alignment for every splicing purposed like medium and long range optical circuit, LAN, CATV, FTTx with least loss. With compact, light, rugged design and long life battery, it delivers high precision performance. Furthermore, 5 inch color monitor with touch screen offers users more convenient and efficient working process.


  • Swift KF4A, NEW splicer with tools included (Active V-Groove Splicer) FTTX Splicer

    Swift KF4A is the highly advanced and accurate ACTIVE cladding alignment fusion splicer, which has been designed to perform the major 5 multifunctional features systematically : stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and sleeving.


  • Swift KF4 (Active V-Groove Splicer) FTTH Splicer

    Swift KF4 is very versatile and super accurate active cladding alignment fusion splicer that satisfies every aspect of splicing requirement.


  • EZ Booster Blow unit for Fiber Cabels

    Tool for pressed air-aided insertion of fiber optic cables (diameter 0.5 mm to 8.0 mm) in micro-ducts.

  • Fremco MultiFlow 5,5mm - 32mm Fiber eller Relining!

    Multiflow is designed for injecting multiple micro ducts in a single duct, also known as relining.
    It is also suitable for blowing 5,5mm - 32mm Fiber Cables


  • Fremco MiniFlow Rapid 4mm - 12mm fiber

    Miniflow RAPID is a cable blowing machine for blowing optical fiber cables from 4-12 mm into ducts from 7-20 mm.


  • EZ Speedy Microfiber cable feading tool

    The perfect tool for feeding fiber optic cables (ø 0.5 mm to 8.0 mm) into micro-tubes.

    Connect the EZ.SPEEDY to a standard cordless drill and start feeding fiber optic cables quickly and safely (without bending) into micro-ducts.

    In connection with the EZ.BOOSTER the cable can be inserted even more smoothly


  • Fremco Multiflow, 18-70mm cable blowing machine

    Multiflow is designed for injecting multiple micro ducts in a single duct, also known as relining.
    It is also suitable for blowing large fiber cables


  • Fremco Powerflow, 5,5-25mm cable blowing machine

    Powerflow is a cable blowing machine for blowing optical fiber cables from 5,5-22 mm into ducts from 32-70 mm.


  • Fremco Microflow, NYA 0,8-5,5mm FTTH

    The Microflow is designed for air blown fiber and small fiber optic cables.

    So with this fully automatic fiberblowingmachine you secure fast and reliable optical fiberblowing.


  • SENKO WiFi Microscope

    Smart Probe Features:
    WiFi streaming
    Easily connect with Laptops, Smartphones, & Tablets

    Replaceable & rechargeable battery
    Available adapter tips (LC, SC, FC, ST, DIN, APC)
    MPO Tip Up to 24F Available


  • Fremco Miniflow 4-12mm Fiber Fiber Optic Cable Blowingmachine

    With this smooth and compact looking blowingmachine, you could handle cables and fibres from 4-12 mm and blow it into ducts at 7-20 mm.
    The Miniflow RAPID is a compact designed blowingmachine that is very easy to handle and operate.


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