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Tedson AB

Tedson AB

Stand B:17

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50742 BORÅS

Tedson AB / GigaTera SWE

Distributör utav:
• GigaTera LED products
• LED Strips
• Aluminiun profiler
• Downlights / Spotlights


  • Casambi units

    All Casambi products form automatically a wireless mesh network. The lighting can be controlled via smartphones, tablets, smart watches, push buttons, switches or Casambi's Wireless Wall Switch. Smart control can even be achieved from old wall switches. With Casambi you can:

    Dim the lighting
    Group luminaires
    Configure, save and recall scenes
    Configure, save and recall animations
    Use the Schedule to recall scenes or animations based on time and date

    Adjust colours
    Adjust colour temperatures
    Use motion sensors
    Take pictures from your spaces and add lighting control directly to your picture
    Take sunrise and sunset into account while defining timers
    Get status information from the system
    Update the firmware over-the-air


  • Ecosmart control system from Gigatera

    Reduce installation time and excel in energy savings.

    Icon ECOThe lighting control system is developed so that its users can adjust its function to their own needs. The optimal ratio between the space illumination required and the consumption of electricity can generate additional savings. Our system also reduce the installation of your lamps drastically, if you use zigbee as control you just plug in the light and you´re done. All configuration you do from our light control system. It supports the following communication standards: 0-10V, DSI, DALI, KNX, IEX, Modbus, Profibus, RS-232, RS-485, IR, RF, ETHERNET, GSM, GPRS, Wireless ZigBee, digital and analogue inputs/outputs, etc.



    Tasteful design

    ACORN has Comfortably lighting with no glare
    • Sophisticated product exterior that suits any environment
    • Lighting controls that use a radio system
    • 180 degree beam angles and up lighting
    • Outstanding uniformity and efficient radiant heat structure
    • Diverse installation methods supported (pipe type, chain type)
    • Target Venues for Use in stores with high ceilings, exhibition halls, factories, gymnasiums, large warehouses

    High Bay Store, Warehouse, Superstore, Factory, Gym


  • BIFA Billboard light

    Energy savings of 70% when compared
    to existing lights Efficacy of typ. 95 lm/W
    •Efficient beam control maximizes set back of
    fixture from target illumination area
    •Horizontally wide beam allows for shorter
    arm when compared to existing lights
    •Optimized light distribution without light
    •Elegant product exterior
    •100W, 50W, 30W Line-ups
    •Applications for Billboards, Wall Packs


  • JETA

    • JETA has Adjustable tilt that puts light where it’s needed (Upwards:20°, Downwards:40°)
    • Built-in photo sensor provides automated light control (optional)
    • Built-in 20kV surge protection device
    • Horizontal or Vertical tenon mount
    • Junction Box (*optional)
    • EmploysGore-Tex, a waterproof/moisture permeable material
    • Batwing Lighting Distribution realizes outstanding uniformity
    • A luminous efficiency of 95 lm/W and Type II-S / Type III-S distribution type
    • Light pole and SUS Band installation bracket provided (*optional)
    • Wide selection in the product line-up (*20W, 30W, 40W, 50W)
    • Applications: Residential, Industry complexes, Business parks, Local-ways, Alley-ways

    Residential, Industry complexes, Business parks, Local-ways, Alley-ways


  • SUFA-X from GigaTera choosen by Yankee Stadium

    •Stable cooling structure that points the heat release
    •Comes in diverse angles of 15, 30 and 45 degrees
    •Boosted installation efficiency thanks to the slimmed-down product
    •Linkage with wired, wireless control systems
    •Diversification of the SMPS installation location
    - Integrated SMPS
    - SMPS Built-in Bracket
    - Separated SMPS
    •Applications for Sports stadiums,
    Indoor Venues, Ports


  • SETA LED - Street lights - GigaTera

    SETA LED Street LIght
    High Efficacy 120 lm/W
    Multi-Functional, from residential lighting to street lighting 60W, 80W, 100W product lineup.

    5 Years Warranty


  • MAHA LED - Area Flood Lightning - from GigaTera

    130 lm/W luminous efficiency decides the value of MA400
    High-power LED light with middle power chip and reflector technology
    Great light distribution and thermal design with good natural convection
    Dimming control using wireless communication (ZigBee)
    Lower installation cost by replacing existing lamps
    Applications for an alternative for toll-gate asymmetry 1Kw(1000W), square, port, and interchange.

    5 Years Warranty


  • NANA LED- Glare free - from GigaTera


    Excellent uniformity and beam angle of 90°and 130°
    Generally rich illumination in a space
    Comfortableness for workers’ eyes and better operation efficiency
    Wiere Pendant and direct attachment installation types
    Support for wired control (DALI) and sensor (occupancy sensor) options.
    Applications for linear lighting of plant operation
    line, parking lot, airport, and indoor sports field

    5 Years Warranty


  • SEGA LED - High Bay

    High Bay light with high energy saving and reasonable price
    Average luminous efficiency of 130 lm/W with 0.2W package and reflector design
    5 Years Warranty


Product news

  • Yankee Stadium install GigaTera Led SUFA-X

    The New York Yankees announced a pending partnership with GigaTerato install light emitting diode (LED) field lighting at Yankee Stadium prior to the 2016 Major League Baseball season. The new energy efficient lighting system will be just the second of its kind to be used in a MLB stadium, joining Seattle’s Safeco Field.. Energy savings over 60%. Crystal clear light perfect for UHD and slow motion without any flicker.

    Read the official New York Yankees pressrelease here

    Find product here:


  • Produktkatalog 2015 ute nu

    Nu har våran nya produktkatalog för 2015 landat.

    Du finner produktkatalogen på vår hemsida www.gigatera.se


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