Inspiration, motivation and knowledge to all visitors! You, as a visitor of the exhibition, will receive a free seminar program to take part of. Take a break from the exhibition lap and listen to the highly relevant and world-class speakers.

We are currently working hard on developing the seminar program for 2016 and will be updating the seminar program frequently, so please check in from time to time to see what has been added!

Peter Bernhard


Peter Bernhard, Sivilingeniør Energi & miljø, Asplan Viak

Economically profitable plus energy buildings - Experiences from Powerhouse Kjørbo

Jo watten


Jo Watten Gullhaugen, leder analyse i UNION Gruppen

petter ness

12.00 - 12.45

Petter Næss, Professor i planlegging i byregioner ved Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet (NMBU)

jan tore sanner


Jan Tore Sanner, Local Government and Modernisation Minister

Faster and less expensive to build

johan hantverkarnaeivid


Johan T Sterndal Hantverkarna Stockholm & Eivind Andersen administrerende direktør Oslo Håndverks- og Industriforening

Is it time to introduce a tax deduction in Norway?

Hans christian Areo


Hans Kristian Grani, CEO Areo, expert digitalitalisering

Digital property - better services, increased control and financial gain?

linda byström

15:30 - 16:00

Linda Byström, senioringeniør/prosjektleder, Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige universitet 

norges smarteste hus

16:30 - 17.00

Prisutdeling Norges smarteste hus

randi h


Randi H. Augenstein, Arkitekt, Helen & Hard

Future perspectives on property and innovation



Torstein Storækre, Managing Director Fornebuporten

Making your employees happy

Read more about Fornebuporten here >>

victoria marie

12.00 - 12.45

Victoria Marie Evensen, Leder av Byutviklingskomiteen

Future urban development in Oslo

Michael thydell sweco

13.00 - 13.45

Michael Thydell, Sweco Architects

The smart city


15.00 - 15.45


Energy savings