e-Commerce 2016 - Kistamässan, 11 - 12 May 2016

The complete event in the Nordic region within e-commerce and digital marketing

In e-commerce, Stockholm 2016 will have three different scenes with different focus - all packed with inspiration, motivation and knowledge. All seminars are free of charge.

  • Scene 1 sponsored by DHL and focuses on e-commerce, omnichannel and payment
  • Scene 2 sponsored by Lionbridge and focuses on digital and mobile marketing
  • Scene 3 sponsored by Papyrus Supplies and focuses on the distribution, packaging and security

Note! The program is still under construction and will be completed in due course.

8.30 - 9.15 | Scene 1 | 12 may

Marie & Carina 4good

Marie Thorslund & Carina Sunding
fownder, 4good

The Power of networking! 

Networking breakfast followed by a seminar about the power of networking.

Breakfast - 8.00 - 8.30
Seminar - 8.30 - 9.15

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09.00-09.30 | Scene 2 | 12 may


Magnus Friberg

Analyst, Google

Why the biggest opportunities lies in the smallest moments

We live in an increasingly connected world, where larger and larger amounts of data flowing faster and faster. How can companies today take advantage of the enormous potential that lies in this phenomenon

09.15-09.35 | Scene 1 | 12 may


Andreas Stillborg

Head of the Swedish market, Airbnb

Belong Anywhere: Sharing homes with Airbnb

Andreas Stillborg from Airbnb will tell the story of how Airbnb, the community-led marketplace for extra space, grew from an airbed in a San Francisco apartment in 2008 to 2 million private homes around the world in 8 short years. In Sweden, the trend is clear: Swedes are sharing homes like never before. Andreas will look into the secret sauce of Airbnb, reflect on Airbnb's role in the sharing economy, how Airbnb impacts cities, and examine the mission of making people belong anywhere.

09.30-10.15 | Scene 3 | 12 may


Erik Nauclér

Consultant and lecturer in transport issues. For over 25 years he was responsible for international transport at H & M.

09.45-10.30 | Scene 2 | 12 may


Axel Billquist

Business Development Director, Lionbridge 

How do you reach new customers in new markets

Time 2 Market is more important - to reach out quickly to all markets with as few steps as possible is today's challenge for the global player. Being able to easily publish their content online in multiple markets, in other languages simultaneously without having to cut and paste. Axel presents the latest technology as well as some cases of how global companies have solved their challenges to reach customers in their home markets and language.

10-00-10.45 | Scene 1 | 12 may


Urban Lindstedt

Journalist, author and e-commerce expert who monitored the developments in e-commerce the past 15 years. He is up to date with the online course Start E-commerce.

5 eCommerce trends nobody can afford to miss

E-commerce is changing faster than most people understand. In an increasingly competitive, there is no room to miss critical business changes. E-commerce expert Urban Lindstedt presents the five most important trends in international e-commerce. It is about new technology, changing markets, sharper logistics and disruptive customer behavior.

10.15-11.00 | Scene 3 | 12 may


Per Olof Arnäs

PhD Professor, Department of Logistics and Transport, Chalmers

E-commerce demands on logistics companies

Real time big data

10.30-11.15 | Scene 2 | 12 may


John Ekman

Chief Conversionista. Sweden's only conversion guru. John's crazy passionate to improve conversion and conversion rate. He has extensive experience in optimizing business outcomes for online businesses and is the founder of Conversionista! - No. 1 in online conversion in Sweden.

Where is your biggest conversion problems?

Analysis Focused, I look at the "conversion funnel" to make if it's front page, product page or check out is leaking the most.

10.45-11.30 | Scene 1 | 12 may


Agnes A Hammarstrand

IT and e-commerce law, Delphi Attorneys. Agnes is known as one of the country's foremost specialists in e-commerce law. She helps companies with legal review of their e-commerce sites, write conditions, and provides advice on the law in the online personal data

New privacy laws

This spring, a new EU Regulation which regulates personal data, such as customer data. The regulation affects all companies and provides a large number of new rules. Companies that break the rules risk fines of up to, in the worst case, 4% of sales. Agnes provides an introduction to the rules as all e-retailers need to keep an eye on

11.00-11.45 | Scene 1 | 12 may


Jonas Berggren

CEO, e-logistics. Jonas shop online background and leads a niche third-party logistics for online stores. The company was formerly Semper store for store materials.

Five challenges of e-commerce logistics

Learn how to avoid the traps logistics

11.15-12.00 | Scene 2 | 12 may


Oskar Alm

Event and Partner Manager, Jajja Media Group

Future Marketing!

Jajja Media Group invites you to a lecture in which you may have access to the latest trends, inspiration and practical tips to help you succeed with your digital marketing. Step by step we will teach you to succeed online. As an audience, you learn the basics on how to increase your visibility on the Internet and how you do your visitors into customers.

11.30-12.15 | Scene 1 | 12 may


Jens Levin

CEO, Sitoo AB

The physical store's revenge!

First saw the e-commerce to threaten the regular stores. Now it is the reverse. Physical stores that combine the local with the digital is the new consumer favorite.

11.45-12.30 | Scene 3 | 12 may


Arne Andersson
e-commerce expert PostNord

Mathias Park Hagen
Head of Operations, Nelly

Therese Reuterswärd
 Nordic e-commerce Mananger, 

Robin Gustafsson
CEO & Founder of Avensia also Board member of the e-handeslbutiken Coolstuff.

Johan Holgersson
SVP Marketing & Director, e-labs, eCommerce Division Bring

Heléne Giaina 

Panel debate - Future e-commerce logistics

Can you see into the e-commerce logistics in the future? It can neither do we. But is there anyone who can predict if the experts in this panel discussion.

Moderator; Alexander Kristofersson, Transportnytt

12.00-12.45 | Scene 2 | 12 maj


Anders Hermansson and Lars Dahlberg

Anders Hermansson, founder Business Reflex, has worked with marketing in B2B the past 15 years.

Lars Dahlberg, CEO Business Reflex, has worked as sales and marketing of various B2B companies in the IT industry for more than 20 years.

The podcast - how does it work in reality

Podcasting is one of the hottest marketing right now. Experience podcasting live when Anders Hermansson and Lars Dahlberg life ducks his podcast Sales and Marknadspodden on stage at easyFairs. Anders and Lars will tell you how it works in practice when producing a pod, how to get listeners and what you need equipment to get started

12.15-13.00 | Scene 1 | 12 may


Fredrik Norberg

Founder and Marketing Director Fyndiq. It was Frederick who sowed the first seed of what would become Fyndiq. This after he bought at a large batch Vietnamese bamboo vases which in time turned out to be more difficult to peddle than he bargained for. The need for an alternative sales channel for the shelf, he thought he was not alone - and that was where the idea was born Fyndiq

The secret behind the success of marketplaces

It was Frederik who sowed the first seed of what would become Fyndiq. This after he bought at a large batch Vietnamese bamboo vases which in time turned out to be more difficult to peddle than he bargained for. The need for an alternative sales channel for the shelf, he thought he was not alone - and that was where the idea was born Fyndiq.

12.45-13.30 | Scene 2 | 12 may

Nenne Systembolaget

Ola Andersson & Nenne Nestius

Ola Andersson, Responsible Extern Digital Channels, Systembolaget

Nenne Nestius, Responsible extern Digtial Channels & social media, Systembolaget

How much whiskey is required to fill a full-size bathtub? Systembolaget's customer meeting in the digital channels

- From sales to service to a client meeting that impresses. Systembolaget now has taken the next step to be as successful in meeting customers online

13.00- 13.30 | Scene 1 | 12 may


Patrik Müller

e-commerce expert, DIBS. Has more than 15 years of experience in helping online merchants with efficient payment solutions in the Nordic and European markets.

So does digital payments revolution affect you 

E-commerce in Sweden is growing rapidly as more people choose to conduct their purchases on their mobile devices. This puts new requirements on payment solutions. During the lecture explains Patrik Müller, the new payment trends from Sweden and the USA. You'll also see how in the future you will pay with your washing machine or your Volvo. "The way we pay on will change more in the next 3-5 years than they have done in the last 20 years," John Donahue, CEO of Ebay.

13.00- 13.30 | Scene 3 | 12 may


Måns Danielson

CEO and founder, Mat.se

Future deliveries online

Mat.se in collaboration with Volvo started to deliver food directly in the trunk. Måns talks about the opportunities and challenges of food online, and customer demands for increased availability and delivery precision.

13.30-14.00 | Scene 1 | 12 may


Olof Lönnroth

Olof has extensive experience of developing digital solutions for the City of Gothenburg, Hultafors Group, Martin & Servera and benders. His focus is on creating good experiences and to lead customers and project teams throughout the design process, from strategy and user studies to design and prototyping.

Your e-commerce is not isolated, but a small part of a larger context

To work with so-called user-centered design and allow the user needs to be the guiding factor in the development of e-commerce is a given for most players. Many times, however, users are examined in too narrow a context and there is a risk that it allows e-commerce solution, set the framework for the user studies made. But what actually happens before the user visits your e-commerce? And after?

Olof takes you on a journey in the field of Service Design (Service Design) where he explains how to map the entire customer journey and identify the needs that exist outside of e-commerce that are easy to miss

During the lecture, you get tips and ideas on how to best design the digital services on the basis of which channels and situations that they are used so that users get the help in the best way, where and when the need arises. The user experience is the most important component of a brand - to make life better for your audience is the surest way to reach your own goals.

13.30-14.15 | Scene 3 | 12 may


Karl Fallgren
CEO, iFoodbag 

The iFoodbag Story and Production

14.00-14.45 | Scene 1 | 12 may


Deeped Niclas Strandh & Sarah Larsson Bernhardt

Niclas is specialist in digital media, creative planners and digital strategist at United Power. Sarah Larsson Bernhardt is public relations and social media strategist at Knowit.

Omnikanal 360 °

Digital and social media have created new conditions. We take you on a journey into the modern digital consumption.

14.15-15.00 | Scene 2 | 12 may


14.15-15.00 | Scene 3 | 12 may


Axel Groothuis

Partner, Magnus Red

Building the shopping 2020 supply chain

Online retail is growing faster than many of us expected. Consumers are ready and should be buying over 30% of their purchases online by 2020. Are retailers and manufacturers prepared for this? Are they ready to pick individual items in these quantities and prepare the corresponding shipments for the consumer? Some companies already act on the rapidly changing behavior of consumers. A good example is Amazon®. By using a clever business model, they can offer lower prices than retail giant Walmart. By now, in Germany alone, Amazon® already has 800.000 m2 of distribution space. Google® has started Google Express®, a 1 hour delivery service for Google Shopping®. What will be your answer to this? Shopping 2020 will become the battle of supply chains. 2020 still looks far ahead but those who don’t take action now will be out of business tomorrow. If there is one conclusion we can draw from our research and vibrant discussions, it is the necessity to start moving now, in order to be ready on time for 2020! Are you prepared?

14.45 -15.30 | Scene 1 | 12 may

anton & pär

Pär Svärdson

CEO, apotea.se

Anton Jacobsson

CEO, Babyland

Efficient logistics creates successful e-commerce

Success stories apotea.se and Babyland have several common denominators where the focus is on the efficient and innovative logistics. Apotea.se was the year e-tailers both 2014 and 2015. Their recipe for success has included a major focus on the logistics and development. Babyland manages to give its customers really fine service through a great selection, low prices and above all good and quick delivery. Listen to Pär and Anton when they talk about the unique transport lay-ups that have made businesses to customers favorite. Transport arrangement with the bounce in the steps.

In cooperation with DHL

15.00- 15.45 | Scene 2 | 12 may

Per Caroe

Per Caroe
Global Digital Agency Sales
IBM Marketing Cloud 

Digital Marketing: What we’re seeing this year

As the calendar flipped to 2016, new tactics and technologies are opening up tantalizing possibilities for how marketers might improve the customer experience. Stay ahead of the marketing curve and gain new ideas for building unbreakable bonds with customers and prospects. Find out what are the most important topics impacting marketing today, to help you increase your chances for digital marketing success in 2016. 

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