e-Commerce 2016 - Kistamässan, 11 - 12 May 2016

The complete event in the Nordic region within e-commerce and digital marketing
Seminar program

In e-commerce, Stockholm 2016 will have three different scenes with different focus - all packed with inspiration, motivation and knowledge. All seminars are free of charge.

  • Scene 1 sponsored by DHL and focuses on e-commerce, omnichannel and payment
  • Scene 2 sponsored by Lionbridge and focuses on digital and mobile marketing
  • Scene 3 sponsored by Papyrus Supplies and focuses on the distribution, packaging and security

Note! The program is still under construction and will be completed in due course.

08.00-09.00 | Scene 1 | 11 may

Snowfirer talare

Jennifer Hammervald & Frida Gauw 

This breakfast seminar will be held in Swedish. Go to the Swedish page >> 

08.30-09.30 | Scene 2 | 11 may


Helena Kimber, Marketing, Compost Marketing / Carma Marketing Hub

Frida Wentzel, Marketing Director, TNS Sifo

Daniel Marcko, Marknadschef på Inspiration Company

Networking breakfast! The digital challenge - 3 marketing managers in 60 minutes

Networking breakfast followed by a seminar where three different marketing managers from three different industries tell their primary digital challenges ahead.

A networking breakfast held in conjunction with the seminar. Sign up here for free!

09.15-10.00 | Scene 1 | 11 may


Svante Tegnér

 CEO and founder, Bubbleroom.com

Svante Tegner reveals upcoming e-commerce initiatives

Since the early 1900s, after the name Tegner been synonymous with retail in Sweden - a family tradition that the 39-year-old entrepreneur Svante proudly carried on. And it successfully.

In 2005 he founded the Bubbleroom, one of the first e-commerce stores for the fashion blogosphere integrated with the shopping experience. Over the years, he has built the company into what it is today - one of Scandinavia's fastest growing online fashion company and expanded with four physical stores. A real success story of e-commerce point of view. Last year, Svante baton and CEO entitled to continue as a brand manager for Bubbleroom and responsible for Consortio Fashion Group omnikanalsatsningar. In parallel, Svante very exciting at the time. Many secret e-commerce initiatives that will be launched in the coming time. One of these is godis.se - e-commerce side of Sweden's best candy. More of this is revealed at the show.

09.30-10.15 | Scene 3 | 11 may


Stefan Backlund, Head of Marketing & Communications.

Stefan has the past 2 years built a talented and dedicated marketing organisation at Trustly that has revamped the Trustly brand. Prior to Trustly, Stefan have had marketing roles at Klarna and Philips on a European/Nordic level

The digitalisation of the bank account

Opportunities for easier cross-border e-Commerce. 95% of Europeans have access to a bank account today. With new user-friendly authentication methods it has never been so easy to use the bank account for purchases online. E-commerce payments straight from the bank account has been firmly established in northern European countries like Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Germany.  

Listen to an exciting presentation about the future of online bank payments, how Trustly does it, and how Trustly managed to process over €4 Billion worth of transactions the last 8 years.

10.00-10.30 | Scene 2 | 11 may


Sophia Skinbjerg
Head of Marketing

Email marketing and summer engagement: what to expect and how to keep your subscribers engaged.

10.00-10.45 | Scene 1 | 11 may


Joep Hutschemakers

Director of Ecommerce & Media, eBay. 

Humanizing trade

How can we as a platform provide a face to our buyers, sellers and advertisers?

At eBay Joep Hutschemakers is responsible for the commercialisation of Marktplaats.nl, the largest website and ecommerce platform in the Netherlands and one of eBays leading online classifieds sites. Previously gained experience mainly through the digital media industry. Worked at Reed Elsevier/ LexisNexis, A.T. Kearney management consultants and Philips Consumer Electronics.

10.15-11.00 | Scene 3 | 11 may


Björn Karlsson

CEO, Weland Lagersystem 

Streamline your warehouse space

10.30-11.15 | Scene 2 | 11 may


Joakim Jardenberg

Joakim is an internet veteran who made sure that the 1994 election could be reported via the network, and the same year he was involved in creating aftonbladet.se. He is the first chapter of the book "those who built the Internet in Sweden. Today he works including CEO-pigs (currently three CEOs of Sweden's 25 largest companies), he has been an advisor to the former Prime Minister, he is a business angel investments in 12 companies (only young only young internetifierade tech startups) and the world's only municipal employees Internet Manager.

Joakim has also won all won all the awards that can be won - for example, the Great Social Media Award from the Savings Bank Foundation, The year public innovator and Golden Link. In addition, he travels regularly between rooms around the world and keeps the keynotes of why the Internet is a good thing.

10.45-11.30 | Scene 1 | 11 may


Mats Taraldsson

Head of Market Development, MasterCard Nordics & Baltics 

Master Pass - for convenient shopping in all channels

Consumers want a convenient, flexible and secure shopping experience no matter when and which channel they are shopping. In December 2015 MasterCard launched its digital wallet Master Pass in Sweden with several major publishers on board. The digital wallet simplifies a first step trading online for the next steps also work for purchase in a physical store. Today it is possible to deal with Master Pass at over 250 000 e-commerce sites worldwide and the number of online retailers that offer Master Pass growing steadily. Here you can listen to the strategy behind the digital wallet, the benefits for consumers and benefits for online merchants.

11.00-11.45 | Scene 3 | 11 may

fredrik stensson

Fredrik Stensson
Sales Director
Stora Enso Packaging 

11.15-11.45| Scene 2 | 11 may


Oskar Alm

Event- och Partner Manager, Jajja Media Group

The Future of Marketing!

Jajja Media Group invites you to a lecture in which you may have access to the latest trends, inspiration and practical tips to help you succeed with your digital marketing. Step by step we will teach you to succeed online. As an audience, you learn the basics on how to increase your visibility on the Internet and how you do your visitors into customers.

11.30-12.15 | Scene 1 | 11 may


Sam Hill

Chief Architect, Marks & Spencer

Integrating the old and the new to respond to changing customer behaviours 

Retailers need a single view of a customer and customers need a single view of a retailer. Sam gives his tips for overcoming the legacy in integrating the old with the new digital world for a seamless multi-channel experience.

Sam has previous worked as Head of Architecture at Tesco for the multi-award winning tesco.com grocery platform that transacts sales of approximately £3 billion a year. He was operational in all of Tesco's operating countries, handing peaks of 50 orders/second and yearly growth rates between 15-20% giving some unique challenges for performance, reliability and scale.

From January 2016, Sam is Chief Architect at Marks and Spencer - one of the UK's leading retailers, with over 1,330 stores worldwide.

11.45-12.15 | Scene 2 | 11 may


Robin Pettersson

CEO of Teveo, lecturer at IHM Business School, Business Academy and Nowa Academy and training manager for Google and Almi's latest venture 'Digital Academy'

Digital marketing in depth - specific tips and tricks.

Hot features, best practices and real cases to work best in digital channels.

12.15-13.00 | Scene 1 | 11 may


Torkel Hallander

CEO, Bythjul.com

From pureplayer to omnichannel retailer

BytHjul.com founded by three young brothers and went from nothing to a turnover of approximately SEK 200 million in 10 years. Today, the Nordic region's second largest independent tire supplier online. Their aim is that within five years a turnover of SEK 1 billion in the Nordic region. When the brothers who started the company decided to invest wholeheartedly and leave their regular jobs they already had sales of SEK 10 million. They passed break-even in 2010 and during Torkels leadership, sales have quadrupled in just over four years. Torkel passionate modern, customer-friendly e-commerce and want to make BytHjul.com to "tire industry Amazon.com

12.15-12.45 | Scene 2 | 11 may


Karin Nygård

Award winning teachers who worked hard in recent years to make the school more suited to a digital reality. 

How equips today's schools, the adults of tomorrow

What are the challenges the school to provide our future students what they need to survive in the digital age that washes over us - and how these can be addressed. 

Karin is, inter alia, behind the lobbying for the introduction of programming in the basic national curriculum. Karin trains from small children to adults confused about how digital works. Understanding Internet and code belonging to the new general education. Karin is also Golden Apple winner who has been one of Sweden's most talked teachers through the years - thanks to his passionate efforts to develop digital literacy in schools. Karin also has written two books in the field, also on the jury for Harvester of Sweden and is a very popular 

12.30-13.15 | Scene 3 | 11 may

Thomas Lewing

Thomas Lewing

Business Development, Logent Group 

Björn Spenger

Co-Founder ConfidentLiving.se

Successful e-commerce logistics in practice

Efficient logistics is becoming increasingly important for a company to achieve success and growth. What is needed to create a successful development that e-retailers and how the challenges can see out on the road? Thomas Lewing, Logent, embody the challenges that come with different growth stages and what is needed to take the next step with success.

Confident Living is a leading retailer of furniture and home furnishings online. Bjorn Spenger, one of the founders of the company, tells us how the journey been like for them and their innovative logistics solution.

12.45-13.30 | Scene 2 | 11 may


Daniel Erkstam and Joakim Malmberg

Projekt Mangers, Salgado

Marketing on Instagram - How to succeed

In September last year introduced the ability to advertise on Instagram. Users did not seem so lyrical in the beginning but there are many companies that made it very good. Salgado goes through successful case studies and go at the same time through the most important thing to keep in mind in order to succeed with this new opportunity.

13.00-13.45 | Scene 1 | 11 may


Emily Granath

Customer Service Manager, apotea.se

Mary Hamm

Head of Customer Service DHL Freight Nordics, UK, the Baltic countries

In cooperation with DHL

Two companies - a world class customer experience

Apotea.se received 2014 award as "Best Customer Service" and "Net e-tailers" in both 2014 and 2015, which testifies to the customers who are in contact with Apotea really happy. At DHL Freight now work all in the business of delivering world class customer experience. Everyone must understand that they are part of the customer experience of the company. Are working together DHL and apotea.se to create satisfied customers apotea.se. In order to create customer experiences in world class required a common way of thinking. How does DHL and apotea.se to get all the links in the chain work?

13.15-14.00 | Scene 3 | 11 may


Hallvard Bergsodden

Director New Business Sweden, Norway and Sweden.

Kardex Remstar

13.30 - 14.15 | Scene 2 | 11 may


Anders Signell
CEO på OnlinePizza

Creuna & Delivery Hero

13.45-14.30 | Scene 1 | 11 may


Linda Bjernstål, CEO and founder air seat

Katrin Lundgren, CEO and founder Kodmyran

Catrin Folkesson, Managing Director Clas Ohlson GmbH & Head of New Markets, Clas Ohlsson as Deputy Chairman Swedish Digital Trade

Sara Öhman, one of Sweden's leading freelance consultants and lecturers in digital marketing

Anneli Näs, freelance entrepreneur who recent launched more than ten e-commerce sites, among others Halebop's, Odd Molly's and Elite Hotels.

Panel discussion on e-commerce with strong women from Swedens absolute ecommerce elite.

A debate with the aim to lift, strengthen and extend women's voice in the digital world.

14.00-14.45 | Scene 3 | 11 may


Anders Holmberg

Strategic Business Development Manager, DB Schenker Logistics

Hans Sparf

Head of Sales, Swisslog

Can an automated 3PL solution contribute to the profitability of your e-commerce?

Yes, that question and many more will Anders Holmberg, Strategic Business Development Manager, DB Schenker Logistics and His Sparf, Head of Sales, Swisslog to answer. Listen to the interesting and inspiring story of how a manual 3PL business was converted into a effective automated e-commerce solution for storage, picking and distribution. DB Schenker Logistics has together with Swisslog developed a storage and management solution that is unique in Europe. DB Schenker Logistics has together with Swisslog developed a storage and management solution that is unique in Europe. CarryPick® solution is almost completely automated, and of the same type as Amazon and many other world-leading e-commerce companies are using.

14.15-15.00 | Scene 2 | 11 may


Michael Kazarnowicz

Head of Innovations, Pronto

What is the best social media channels for online stores?

Have you asked yourself the question of which channel would be best for you marketing purposes? Facebook? Instagram? Maybe Twitter? Or Google AdWords? The answer is: it does not matter. If you play your cards right, customers will advertise in the channels that are most relevant: channels where available, and where other potential customers are. Best of all is that they do it free for you, but getting there is not easy. Michael Kazarnowicz explains why you need to think of terms like Zero Moment of Truth, friction and customer experience before you start thinking of channel selection.

14.30-15.15 | Scene 1 | 11 may


Laszlo Varga

CEO, Euroflorist Group

From 1995 to 2015 - Lessons of the world's e-commerce pioneers

• How you meet consumers on their terms to create a personal experience?

• Optimizing the organization: How to handle 1 million orders per year with only 24 online employees?

• Successes and failures of 20 years of e-commerce

14.45-15.30 | Scene 3 | 11 maj

Gurra Krantz

Gurra Krantz

One of Sweden's most experienced and well-qualified sailors

Logistics Challenges during a global circumnavigation

Gurra Krantz is one of Sweden's most experienced and well-qualified sailors, with more than 20 years of professional racing with international crews. His lecture deals with topics such as leadership, crisis and conflict management, cultural differences, how to put together a competent team and, not least, how to think in order to win.

15.00-15.45 | Scene 2 | 11 may


Karin Zingmark

Marketing Manager, Microsoft

Digital ROI - how to calculate the value of their marketing investments

The new media landscape makes great demands on companies to change the way you communicate. Today, one must increasingly ciently earn its place in people's minds - you need to work with agility, increase the tempo and beat out internal silos within the company. But with the new requirements will also be totally new opportunities to measure and evaluate communication activities. And this can at best take the marketing department from being a cost item to be revenue generating. Come and be inspired by some of Microsoft's experience on the journey towards modern marketing.

15.15-16.00 | Scene 1 | 11 may


Andrew Wyckoff

Director of the Science, Technology and Innovation Directorate of the OECD. Andy has held a variety of positions within the OECD where he worked primarily with science, technology, globalization and information economy. The questions he cares most about are how e-commerce with its potential growth can promote the OECD economy, markets, employment and society, and how countries can help each other to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of developing the global e-commerce in general.



OECD's revised e-commerce guidelines

15.30-16.15 | Scene 3 | 11 may


David Jacoby

Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team Kaspersky Lab

Online Security

With over 15 years experience as an IT security expert David is a well-known speaker at many of the world's largest security conferences. He is constantly updated in threats and security online, how we can increase awareness in the field of henna and combat crime. David's current tasks often include vulnerability and security research. He has a background in performing penetration tests and security audits mainly on Unix and Linux platforms. David burn even to secure web applications. His research focuses on improving public awareness of the challenges we face.

Kaspersky Lab is the world's largest private software provider in IT security and provides protection against IT security threats, including viruses, spyware, crimeware, hackers, phishing and spam

15.45-16.30 | Scene 2 | 11 may


Awards in association with:

Salgado, full-service agency for digital communication

Snowfire, an online community for those who love design and are based on the web

.SE is part of the IIS (Internet Foundation in Sweden), an independent charitable organization that promotes the positive development of the Internet in Sweden. IIS is responsible for the Internet's Swedish top-level domain .se

The year's best customer service in social media as well as this year's rocket in social media

We applaud the front, shortlists and interviews the year's best customer service in social media and Net rocket in social media.

16.00-16.45 | Scene 1 | 11 may


Henric Persson & Victoria Senkpiel

Co-Managing Directors, GLOSSYBOX Nordics 

What are the success factors for why GLOSSYBOX has become the leading company in its field in Sweden?

A point that includes an insight into the always aktella topic wrap small

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