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You can’t engage today’s connected customers with yesterday’s CRM solutions. With SAP Hybris, you get a complete picture of your customers, predict their wants, and deliver on them – in real time. See how well you’re engaging customers compared to others in your industry by taking a short quiz and getting our new research report. Visit www.sap.com/beyondcrm.


  • SAP Cloud for Service

    Deliver effortless customer service.

    Provide consistent and engaging customer service across all channels – and wow digitally connected consumers – with SAP software. Give your call center and help desk agents a complete view of customers, including social media activity, so they can quickly solve problems and win loyalty. And empower field service technicians with the mobile tools and technology they need to excel.


  • SAP solutions and expertise for digital commerce

    Skyrocket sales with omnichannel mobile, social, and commerce software.

    Deliver a contextual, personalized omnichannel shopping experience with digital commerce software from SAP Hybris. Take advantage of data-driven customization, cost-effective order fulfillment, real-time inventory and subscription management, and more – for higher revenue and growth. Or if you’re running a small business, go to SAP Anywhere for your online store and all the other functionality you need.


  • SAP Cloud for Marketing

    Engage an audience of one with our marketing software and go beyond CRM.

    Improve customer engagement at every stage of the buying cycle – with new and innovative marketing software from SAP. Our solutions support everything from real-time customer analytics to contextual marketing, and can help you deliver individualized marketing that will boost customer engagements and brand loyalty across all channels. Enable real-time marketing– in the cloud or on-premise – and use the latest technology to enhance your email, content, and digital marketing activities.


  • SAP Cloud for Sales

    Sell Smarter, Anytime, Anywhere, with our advanced CRM Sales solutions

    everage advanced insight and engagement capabilities, as well as core sales force automation functions to go beyond traditional CRM. Give your salespeople the edge they need to accelerate productivity and sales performance, gain the insights they need to make quick business decisions, have 360 view of their customer and go from quote to cash effortlessly. Your sales teams will sell smarter everywhere - in the office, on the road, and even when they are offline.


Product news

  • SAP Customers Go Beyond CRM

    Hear leaders talk about how SAP solutions help them transform their front office, empowering their employees with insights and engaging their customers with personalized experiences.

  • SAP utökar sitt svenska team för kund- och omnikanallösningar

    Peter Alvmo, 52, välkänd CRM-evangelist, har börjat som lösningsexpert för kundhantering och kundupplevelse på SAP Svenska. Han kommer från Microsoft Dynamics CRM och byter nu till att ansvara för försäljningen och kundutvecklingen för SAP Hybris omnikanal- och marknadsprodukter hos svenska företag. Enligt Peter kommer lösningar för omnikanal och marknadsavdelningen vara det enskilt största investeringsområdet inom kund- och marknadsrelaterad IT de närmaste åren. ”Att addressera rätt kunder på ett personligt sätt och skapa enhetlig kundupplevelse håller nu på att bli centralt för de flesta företag, också bortom detaljvaruhandeln som är pionjärer på detta område. Jag ser framemot att få vara med och skapa de rätta digitala förutsättningarna för företagen i hela landet”, säger Peter.



    No one is more passionate than hockey fans, and we wanted to create real-time engagement for 30 million fans. That meant consolidating data from dozens of sources, from merchandise and tickets to paid subscriptions and fantasy hockey. SAP solutions give us a complete view of our fans – their favorite players, their history with the team – to provide more personalized experiences across channels, grow revenue, and build loyalty.”

    Peter Del Giacco, EVP & CTO, National Hockey League


  • What's your customer engagement score?

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    1) A new revealing global study where you can see how you stack up to other companies.
    2) Effective tips on how to engage your customer throughout their buying journey.
    3) Thought-provoking perspectives from industry leaders on how engagement drives growth.


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