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Weland Lagersystem AB

Weland Lagersystem AB

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  • Vertical storage lifts

    With Compact Vertical Storage Lifts, we transform all of your stock handling. You obtain faster and simpler handling of more items in a significantly smaller area. At the same time, your staff receive considerably improved working conditions. The Vertical Storage Lifts are suited for different physical environments and perform important functions in various forms of stock handling.

    •Distribution/Stock picking, for resource efficient storage of low and medium frequency articles. Suitable for distribution warehouses, third-party logistics, e-commerce etc.
    •Finished goods storage, for the most efficient warehousing of products waiting for delivery.
    •Storage after processing, where stock management ensures the continuity of the manufacturing process, which can run without disruption due to material shortages.
    •Consumables, where an extensive stock is required as a safety measure to prevent stops in the manufacturing process. MRO – Maintenance, Repair and Operating materials.
    •Products in work, to create a uniform flow in the manufacturing processes. The supply of components can be adjusted more efficiently to the different stages of production.
    •Stock, to facilitate the handling and supply of consumables and additives as well as tools and supplementary equipment.
    •Component stock, for control and warehousing of purchased items to be processed or installed in the manufacturing process.


  • Pallet racks

    Weland Pallet Rack is designed with a focus on future requirements for rational material handling. The pallet rack's design promotes a well thoughtout function with a high level of safety. Both end panel posts and support beams are made of closed profiles for the maximum bearing strength. All constituent components are hot-dip galvanised. The Weland Pallet Rack is dimensioned and tested according to SS-EN 15512:2009.

    With Weland Lagersystem AB as supplier, you obtain a committed partner with wide experience and a high level of competence in efficient warehouse management. In all of our contacts with the market and users, we pay special attention to the requirements and needs that govern our development work. We provide efficient warehouse management solutions using quality products manufactured in Sweden.


  • Sigmabeam

    Sigma beam from Weland Storage Systems AB are manufactured in three different standard heights and each level is available with 5 different thicknesses. The beams are designed so that the two beams can be joined to a profile by being screwed together. This provides the opportunity to optimize Sigma beams both with respect to load and demands on the beam height for available space. In the construction of mezzanines is Weland Sigma beam is very suitable.

    Swedish manufacturing
    We manufacture Sigma beam at our factory in Gislaved. This means that we have full control of the entire production chain, from sourcing of raw materials to finished product. We can guarantee high quality for all our deliveries.

    Sigma beams come standard hot dip galvanized and can be used in most environments without any aftertreatment. Material quality with yield strength 250 N / mm ² is standard. We can also quote Sigma beams in materials with yield strength 350 N / mm ² hot dip galvanized.

    We deliver Sigma beams in lengths from 300 mm to 12 000 mm at intervals of 50 mm. To obtain an optimally utilized transport beams packaged in packages with a width of 800 mm.


  • Drive-in pallet racking

    Weland Drive-in racking offers opportunities to use the store room volume for efficient inventory management. When both the floor and the height of the room maximized, up to 80% by volume is transformed into the storage area. Djupstaplingsställen loaded and unloaded from one side of the FILO principle, first in - last out.

    Weland Drive-in racking is designed and engineered to achieve maximum utilization of warehouse space, which means a combination of efficient material handling, good functionality and high security. Both gable posts and beams are made of closed profiles for maximum buoyancy.

    All components are hot dip galvanized.

    Djupstaplingsställen complies with INSTA 252 (SS2644), which includes guidance on the selection, design, testing and assembly.


  • Pull-out units for pallet racks

    More efficient stock handling
    The pull-out unit facilitates work during handling of picked goods on pallets. It becomes easier to access the items on the pallet and the function saves storage space.

    The pull-out unit is available by default in a beam and a floor version, respectively. The beam model is intended for installation on the horizontal supporting beams in a pallet rack. In the floor version, the pull-out unit is equipped with four supporting feet in order to enable truck handling. The raised handle of the floor model facilitates extension and provides a comfortable working posture.

    Reduced strain injuries
    Many strain and repetitive strain injuries that are often caused during material handling can be avoided by following a couple of simple measures. The easily accessible goods and the right tool provide the workplace with an ergonomically correct design.

    Increased productivity
    The pull-out units bring several advantages to stock handling. Picking work becomes easier and productivity increases. The extension function allows the distance between the shelves to be smaller, which means more efficient utilisation of the overall volume of the warehouse.

    Weland Pull-out Units
    •Extension capacity: 70%
    •Low design
    •Suitable for most pallet rack models
    •Distributed load: 600 kg per pallet (default)
    •The pull-out part is released with a simple handle and is automatically locked in the lowest position
    •Easily manoeuvred, crush-protected locking device
    •Can be ordered as a picking shelf with a covered ceiling or with a sheet metal box customised for a pallet collar
    •Supplied fully assembled, only needs to be mounted on the supporting beams
    •Collision-protected design - no details sticking out


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