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Perfect IT Bex AB

Perfect IT Bex AB

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  • BeX® Online

    BeX® Online, ERP and retail system supports sales in all channel, which is called multi-channel or Omni-channel retailing. BeX® is delivered as a cloud service which means that you can access your BackOffice from any device wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. Since BeX® is a true cloud system you can integrate it with company e-commerce and other systems through API.

    Bex ® Online contains orders, inventory, invoicing, purchasing, and accounting.
    The number of users, companies, locations,shops, currensies and VAT:s can be changed and increased without limit.


  • BeX ® Retail

    Bex ® Retail is a modern and innovative store systems that meet tomorrow's demands for communications and services. Bex ® Retail is suitable for a small shop, where an unintlligent cash register is not sufficient, and larger chains and companies with multiple stores, web shop, order processing and more.

    Bex ® Pos program is installed on a local computer for security and high availability. The POS program has a simple and safe handling with logical buttons and clear presentation of goods, payment and receipts. The POS program will automatically communicate with the back office via the Internet.


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