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Glesys Internet Services AB

Glesys Internet Services AB

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GleSYS was founded 1999 and today we're providing Internet solutions to customers all over the world. We started with web servers colocated in other facilities but since year 2000 we have build our own data center in our own facilities.


  • Cloud VPS

    With our third generation virtual servers (VPS) you're in total control. We provide you with the tools to easily create new VPS-servers, upgrade and downgrade as well as clone servers instantly. Choose and assign IP addresses directly from our ready-to-use IP address pools.

    Virtual servers are the perfect alternative to traditional servers and shared hosting such as web hotels. You get better performance and flexibility and with root access you can install whatever software/services you'd like.

    Unlike traditional servers it's fast and easy to scale your virtual servers with more memory, CPU or disk space. Even for a short amount of time to handle a temporary spike. Our control panel makes this very easy and you have full control of the cost.


  • Dedicated Server

    Your own dedicated server that you rent from us. We install the Operating System after your requirements and instructions. We make sure the hardware and Internet connection works flawlessly. You take care of the software.


  • Colocation

    Easily place your servers in our data centers. In contrast to many other providers, we operate our data centers in our own premises instead of renting rack space.


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