The easyFairs apps

easyFairs offers an app for both exhibitors and visitors. The different needs of the target group can thus be optimally covered.

easyFairs app: the app for visitors

With the easyFairs App, your next visit to an easyFairs trade show will be more time & cost-effective than ever.

You can:

  • Retrieve your registration barcode
  • Find out about the exhibition
  • View the floor plan and identify the exhibitors you’d like to meet
  • Consult the programme timetable
  • Identify the show features you’d like to attend
  • Scan product information and save it in My easyFairs
  • See your scheduled meetings


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Download the easyFairs App:



Visit Connect: the app for exhibitors

What can you do with Visit Connect?

Pre event

  • Set targets for what makes a good event for you
  • Pre-define questions, specific to your business
  • Add  as many devices as you require  for your team**

At event

  • Collect leads
  • Record each leads unique answers
  • Monitor your performance
  • Add or edit questions as you go

Post event

  • Download leads to excel
  • Follow up on leads
  • Make notes and change the stage of any lead
  • Check your targets and prove RoI

How does it work? It's simple. Once you've registered your Visit Connect licence, you will be sent a link to access the portal where you can set custom qualifiers, define targets, set up users and monitor your event leads progress.

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Visit Connect is available only for Apple hardware at the moment: