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  • Buckets, Can,Trays from Jokey Plastik.

    Whether it's foodstuffs, pet food, wall paint, varnish, adhesives, construction materials, luxury food or chemicals – you’ll always find the right container at Jokey. Our exceptionally broad array of products ranges from a 120 ml can to a 35 l bucket.Jokey containers are available in any design: round, oval or square, tamper-evident seal, cover lifting protection, closable spouts or designed for use with a pump – to name just a few of the many options available at Jokey. The construction and accessories are optimally designed for the intended use, be it hot or cold filling or the safe transport of dangerous goods.
    Jokey containers are available in all colours. Decoration processes such as In-Mould Labelling, digital and offset prints ensure that your product looks good at the PoS.

  • Screw lid containers with pull off safety ring

    Jars in PP with screwlid in HD-PE. Tamper evidence with pull off ring. Size from 25ml to 1250ml.

Product news

  • Buckets from recycling PP

    Buckets in all sizes and forms from 100% recycling PP. The cheap alternative.

  • Buckets from regenerated PP

    Buckets in all sizes and forms from regenerated PP

  • Digital printing on buckets

    Jokey prints as the only manufacturer in Europe your template in digital printing on your buckets. High photo quality without clichés are therefore possible. From a pallet your template from your PC to the bucket!

  • Barrier buckets or cans

    Cans or buckets can be equipped with a water vapor and oxygen barrier. Your food stays longer fresh.

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