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The company Knapp creates and produces printed high quality sales packagings, as blistercards, foldingboxes, sealable headers, skincarton or any other kind of packaging out of compact carton. Contemporary innovations as Nurpak®, Viewpac or the KNAPP Multicard emphasize our continious research and development work at Knapp. Together with our customers we work out packaging concepts, oriented to the needs of the market,in terms of economic and ecologic topics.
Our sophisticated production processes enable us a high level of technical flexibility and creative space. .
Inline colf foil applications sets the needed highlights on your packaging for a maximum attention on the POS. .


  • Foldingbox

    No matter whether you want your product packed colourful or classic natural - all different kind of printing techniques can be supplied by Knapp ! Ask us for the petfect outfit for your packaging !

  • Sealable Headercard

    Header - sealable to PE, PP pouches or any other compound bags.
    Reverse side also printable for further information about your product, for example recepies

  • Shaped blistercard with cold foil applikation

    Blistercard with partial cold foil application under the water splash.
    Sealable to PVC, A-PET & GAG PET with excellent performance.
    Extraordinairy shape in order to get maximum attention on POS.

Product news

  • K*Model - Prototyping

    NEW at Knapp : K*Model
    1 piece prototyping
    Send your packaging design on the catwalk of the Marketing decision process!
    You are not sure which design to take ? No problem - we produce for you realproduction samples in the original material and in you various design ideas. Contact us !

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