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  • PAGO Thermal Transfer Ribbons and Labels - Successful duo for your product marking

    To achieve an excellent printing result on your thermal transfer printing machine, labels and ribbons must be perfectly matched.
    Pago supplies ribbons in a wide range of dimensions, colours and qualities. The portfolio ranges from universal to highly resistant ribbons. We also produce blank and coloured pre-printed thermal transfer labels in accordance with your specifications that are suitable for variable printing on your printer. On request, our experts can determine the Optimum combination of ribbon and label material for your printing system.
    Just ask us – Pago is your specialist for marking labels and thermal transfer ribbons.

  • PAGOmedia Multi-layer Labels - Comprehensive information about your product

    Self-adhesive multi-layer labels are stuck permanently to the product, making them an economical and safe alternative to loose package inserts. They offer plenty of space for detailed usage and operating instructions in several languages, can be produced in a wide range of designs and are suitable for all product sizes and shapes. Special features such as opening and reclosure functions, detachable
    talons, overlaminations, codes and many more allow individual solutions. As with all labels, self-adhesive Pagomedia labels can be applied automatically onto your products from the reel.
    Just ask us – Pago is your specialist for creating informative Pagomedia multi-layer labels.

  • PAGOmat 6M Labelling machines - Increased productivity and even greater operating efficiency

    Increasing productivity and reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) are the central challenges for future product lines. As an experienced developer and manufacturer of reliable and innovative labelling technology, Pago presents the Pagomat 6M: The labelling machine combines a range of technical highlights and innovations with proven technology.
    The Pagomat 6M provides solutions for all tasks relating to the industrial application of self-adhesive labels. Numerous model variants
    cover the entire spectrum of required applications, labelling services and integration options – from Pagomat 6M Basic for simple applications through to the 6M Standard in the medium speed range and on to the 6M Top for demanding highperformance labelling tasks.

  • PAGO Labelling Technology - Reliable industrial labelling

    For more than 60 years, Pago has been designing and manufacturing industrial labelling technology for the reliable application of self-adhesive labels to a wide variety of containers. The portfolio ranges from all-purpose Pagomat labelling machines to configurable modular linear and rotary systems for all applications, requirements and industries. We provide a versatile range of services to ensure that machines remain operational and have a long service life: from comprehensive advice and validation to training, a hotline and remote support as well as international support.
    Ask us for advice – Pago is your experienced specialist for reliable industrial labelling technology.

  • PAGOmedia Multi-layer Labels - Versatile promotions right on your product

    Self-adhesive, multi-page on-pack labels are an extremely economical and effective means for inducing a spontaneous purchase decision directly at the Point of sale. Pagomedia are available in a wide range of different designs and offer plenty of space for any sales
    promotion campaigns. Inserted gimmicks, variable win codes or pictographs and special label shapes attract the attention of consumers. As with all labels, self-adhesive Pagomedia labels can be applied onto your products from a reel or from zigzag folded
    Bring us on board for your promotional campaigns, Pago is your specialist for producing creative multilayer labels.

  • PAGO Functional Labels - Unique added value for your packaging

    Functional labels carry out a wide variety of tasks directly on the packaging, helping to make your product more convenient and give it more functional added value. This range includes labels for reclosing and hanging packages, tamper-evident solutions, Braille marking
    and protection against counterfeit products as well as special solutions for technical requirements. Even multi-packs can be produced easily using functional labels.
    Challenge us – Pago is your specialist for developing and implementing functional label solutions to satisfy your individual requirements.

  • PAGO Decorative Labels - An attractive appearance for your product

    Decorative self-adhesive labels help give your products an attractive appearance at the point of sale. Thanks to their flexible usage capability, they are an extremely cost-effective way to achieve high quality product and brand design. Pago has all the printing processes and finishing techniques needed to meet any requirement for customised product decoration using labels. From simple
    standard labels to highly sophisticated decorative labels with special finishes, for small quantities up to large print runs, as a single label or a whole product line.
    Please contact us – Pago is your specialist in the provision of labelling solutions for your specific product design.

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