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Since 1942 the family owned business, Fratelli Roda SA is specialized in printing and production of packaging made of cardboard. As a modern industrial plant, counting on more than 70 collaborators, innovative technologies and customers all over Switzerland and also abroad we are in a position to manufacture products for every sector and for each marketing need.

Folding Boxes, blisters, dispensers, displays, books, magazines, posters and everything you can imagine made of paper or cardboard, can be produced according to your needs and expectations. Thanks to modern production systems and techniques to refine each and every product, we are in a position to bring your ideas on paper or cardboard and let your creations become unique and eye-catching. The long lasting collaboration with our customers allowed us to collect a lot of experience and in the end grow further out of the many interesting projects we could carry out for and together with them.

With us you are in safe and reliable hands as we are ISO 9001:2008 certified and have also the environmental certification FSC-C104754. Production of pharmaceutical folding boxes follows GMP rules, all packaging materials produced for the food sector stays under HACCP system. As the first company in Switzerland and third worldwide, since end 2012, we invested in Accucheck technology, which allows a highly automated inline quality control of all produced packaging materials.
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  • FOOD: Sweet Diamonds

    Cardboard folding box produced by Fratelli Roda SA for delicate, hand-made confectionery specialities of Confiserie Al Porto.
    Printing technique: silver hot stamping and embossing.
    In 2011 it became finalist at the annual Pro Carton/ECMA Awards for outstanding carton packaging (ECMA = European Carton Makers Association).

  • Pharmaceutical packaging

    - Folding-gluing of 150'000 boxes per hour with inline-quality inspection system.
    - Code scanner.
    - Automatic glue level control.
    - Automatic ejection of defective carton blanks at highest speed.
    - Accucheck - inline quality check of each carton blank.
    - Automatic packer fills shipping containers with folded and glued cartons.

    Braille, first opening device, child proof opening device, datamatrix, progressive EAN code, holograms (against counterfeiting).

  • Recyclable blisters

    Blisters made of cardboard. Available with or without any plastic - 100% recyclable.

  • Dispensers, displays, POS-material

    Clever, eye-catching and multitasking cardboard dispensers, displays or POS material.

  • Books, magazines, posters

    High quality printing of books, magazines and posters about art, culture, music, travelling and many other topics.
    Printing techniques : offset and digital technology.

Product news

  • Quality Control with ACCUCHECK Technology

    Fratelli Roda SA was the first folding boxes producing company in Switzerland and third worldwide, which in October 2012, implemented the BOBST Accucheck technology as an inline inspection system. When introduced in the folding-gluing machine each carton blank is scanned and possible defects detected at highest speed: up to 80‘000 carton blanks per hour are controlled!

    Thanks to ACCUCHECK:
    . 100% of the folding boxes are controlled at highest speed (up to 80.000 per hour)
    . Errors on codes are detected.
    . Integrity of text and images are verified.
    . Colours measured with a modern camera.
    . Registers controlled.
    . Tears or damages in the carton blank are located.
    . Colour flecks or printing errors are traced.
    . Oil- , water- and colourflecks are found.

    Our customers can be sure that 100% of their folding boxes have been controlled (very important for deliveries to Japan) and additionally our customers save time during their quality check.

    ACCUCHECK does the quality control automatically inline, so you save time!

  • Paper and cardboard waste are recycled

    Fratelli Roda SA collects all its paper and cardboard waste so that 99% of it is recycled. The fact that environmental friendly colours and varnishes are used for printing facilitates the recycling process. 99% of all paper and cardboard production waste is collected, packed in bales, placed in large containers and send to recycling companies so that 100% of it can be recycled.
    The picture shows a packaging produced by Fratelli Roda SA and made of recycled cardboard.

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