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The Jokey Group - Plastic is our passion.

The Jokey Group is an internationally active, family-owned company involved in the plastics processing industry. Jokey is one of the leading manufacturers in the world in the field of plastic packaging development and production. The Jokey Group consists of 14 autonomous companies with production sites in 11 countries. In 2013, the 1,700 Jokey employees generated revenues of around 420 million euros. The Jokey Group comprises three divisions:
Jokey Packaging offers an outstandingly broad standard programme of buckets, tubs and trays for fillers of food and non-food items. Special sector and filling material solutions, user-friendly accessories and state-of-the-art decoration processes enable highly differentiated packaging for all purposes. Our department Jokey Individual implements Custom-Mould packaging designed on a customer-specific basis. Innovative strength, the highest production quality and a customer-orientated service and sales structure at all locations make us a reliable global partner for the filling industry.

Jokey Technics produces precision parts made of plastic for customers from the automotive, electrical and consumer goods industries. Our plant in Sohland offers an outstanding vertical range of manufacture at an excellent technical level: from planning mould production, to injection moulding, conditioning and decoration, through to the assembly of entire modules.

Jokey Spa offers high-quality bathroom and sanitary furniture. Its modern design and sophisticated functionality transform every bathroom into a luxury spa. The programme incorporates the Jokey brand with mirror cabinets, steam showers and infrared cabins, as well as mirrors of the imagolux brand and mirror cabinets from Sieper.


  • Always the right packaging for your requirements.

    The Jokey packaging product catalogue offers you a variety of sizes, shapes and accessory options which are second to none on the market. Whether for food or non-food, you will always find the right packaging for your filling material here.

    Most Jokey series include a large range of volumes. Products for single-person households are just as efficiently packed as bulk consumer portions. Your product family is always uniform at Jokey.

    Jokey packagings are made of high-quality, 100% recyclable polypropylene or polyethylene. We also process biopolymers and packaging materials made from recyclates, the use of the latter only being permitted for non-food.

  • Jokey Individual - Packaging that’s as unique as your product.

    How can you increase sales of your product? It’s quite simple: with a distinctive packaging design! Unique packaging created especially for your product draws customers in and encourages them to make a purchase. Jokey shapes and decorates your plastic packaging precisely to your concept and exactly in accordance withthe corporate design of your brand. We can make your packaging an ambassador for your brand. It conveys the emotional associations, the promise of quality and the value of your brand. Strong packaging design provides your brand with all important attention on the shelf and earns first place on your target group’s shopping list.

  • Jokey Design Service - Empower your Brand

    Ensure your product has a valuable competitive edge through an attractive packaging design! Our decoration processes offer your product branding all the technical options. Both the entire container wall and the lid can be printed right to the edge. Whether high-resolution and brilliant or simple and functional ¬– Jokey offers you precisely the right decoration process for your product brand. No limits are set on your creativity here. We implement even the most demanding designs in excellent quality – for all batch sizes. We ensure that your product family is highly recognisable at the PoS.

    NEW: Effects – sensual, fascinating and interactive.
    Our new generation of In-Mould Labelling will turn your packaging into a multi-sensory, intelligent marketing tool. Everything is possible: aromas, tactile effects, thermal reactions – and now also interaction with smartphones, optimised scanner features and uncopyable security functions.
    :: In-Mould Labelling
    The IML process offers you premium decoration in high-resolution photographic quality.
    :: Effects
    Discover the new dimension of decoration: Packaging with a scent, which changes colour, communicates with digital devices, and so much more.
    :: Digital printing
    Digital printing is used to decorate small to medium batch sizes in outstanding photographic quality.
    :: Offset printing
    With large batch sizes and simple motifs, eight-colour offset printing guarantees you valuable cost benefits.

Product news

  • Recyclates - Responsible packaging with secondary raw materials.

    Colours, coatings, adhesives, chemicals: Your non-food product is packed as well and securely in our packagings made of recycled materials as in new plastic. With packagings made of secondary raw materials, you complete the material cycle and contribute to using nature’s resources on a sustainable basis.

    Plastic is a valuable raw material. Consequently, we at Jokey have always used our production waste as secondary raw materials for producing non-food containers. In addition, we employ recyclates from post-consumption collections. In terms of promotional effect, too, the recycling containers are top class: The basic material coloured classic grey or attractive silver can be decorated perfectly using IML and digital printing.

    By the way: Jokey takes the ecological balance of a packaging into account right at the product development stage. It is important for us that both the plastics we use and the IML decoration are 100% recyclable.

    The benefits for you:
    :: Sustainable, responsible packaging alternative
    :: Careful use of nature’s limited resources
    :: Reduction of the CO2 footprint
    :: Avoidance of waste, participation in the material cycle
    :: Same performance profile as packagings made from new plastic
    :: Material: classic grey or high-quality silver look
    :: All decoration options, including In-Mould Labelling

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