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6203 Sempach Station

Folag is well known throughout Europe as a leading manufacturer of one and multilayer films on a high-class level. On more than 30 extruding machines films and foils are produced in various materials and in a large range of different thicknesses and dimensions.

Our products receive a refining through an outstanding print or through a combination of different layers on our laminating machinery. The production of bags, carrier bags, cuttings and many things more occurs on modern converting machinery.

We produce with a room concept, which classifies the production rooms into different cleanness areas. Especially in the areas of pharmaceutical and medical technology stringent hygienic standards provide the prerequisite for hygienically immaculate products. Our production halls are enclosed by sluices, in which there is a permanent overpressure, so that no unwanted dirt particles can intrude. All inflowing air is filtered several times before it reaches the production halls. The feeding of the machines is fully automatically and occurs through a closed system. The adding and mixing of the granulate take place outside the extrusion workshop. Hygiene- and custom-made GMP concepts complement the measures, which lead to optimal quality.

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