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Suisse Technology Partners AG

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Suisse Technology Partners is an independent development service provider located in the canton of Schaffhausen in Switzerland. The expertise of our 42 employees is based on our long term experience as a R&D Center for reputable aluminium companies – including companies implementing modern composite materials.
Our services are focused around our expertise in the subjects of materials and surfaces. With the professional fields of materials science, laboratory services, engineering, innovation management and IP material science, chemistry, computer science and legal services represented, we have an attractive and broad service offering.


  • Material characterization

    - Determination of film thickness
    - Sealing area analysis
    - Topography (quantitative)
    - Alloy composition
    - Polymer analysis
    - Formability
    - Analysis of microstructure

  • Surface analysis

    - Identification of particles
    - Corrosion

  • Simulation & Product development

    - Shelflife prediction
    - Prediction of barrier properties
    - Diffusion simulation
    - Thermoforming simulation
    - Coldforming simulation
    - Sealing process & Thermal impact analysis
    - UV testing
    - Mechanical testing
    - Climatic testing
    - Corrosion testing
    - Computer tomography

  • Prototyping

    - Tooling (for cold forming, die, plug, sealing plates, etc.)
    - Development of specific testing configurations

  • trouble shooter - Failure analysis

    - Blister delamination
    - Sealing area defects
    - Surface contamination
    - Leakproofness

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