zhaw Institut für Lebensmittel-

zhaw Institut für Lebensmittel-

Stand SMI 2

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8820 Wädenswil

Institut of Food and Beverage innovations

Delicious, healthy, safe and sustainable food from raw material to the consumer

This is the principle according to which the professional staff of the Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation (ILGI) operates. The production of delicious, healthy, safe and sustainable food is central to the objectives of all our projects. In order to address the complexity of sustainable developments in the food industry, we understand the entire value chain for food and beverages, in particular, the four critical dimensions of the environment, society, economy and health.

We are system-oriented engineers with technological and analytical skills, who use their knowledge to the benefit of our clients and students. We see practicality and transdisciplinarity as prerequisites for successful innovation.

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