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SQTS - your partner for reliable Swiss quality.

Laboratory analytics. Accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025.

Swiss Quality Testing Services is the provider of the most comprehensive laboratory services in all of Switzerland. Our test spectrum covers a broad range, including food products, packaging, chemicals, do-it-yourself products, and also articles of daily use such as textiles and toys.

Using state-of-the-art analytical methods, we can test your products in a timely and efficient manner in terms of quality, product safety, and evaluate them as to their conformity with the current legislation. Expert advice in the entire range of quality management systems, including inspections and audits, complement our services to suit your specific requirements.


  • Contact Materials / Packaging (consumer goods)

    Contact Materials / Packaging (consumer goods)

    Packaging of any kind (e.g. plastic materials, paper, cardboard, printing inks, adhesives and metals), belong to the classic food contact materials. They are in direct contact and interaction with the food product and require an equally thorough assessment and analysis as the actual foodstuff. On the one hand they serve to protect the food product, but on the other hand undesirable substances can also migrate,partly in impermissible quantities, into the food.

    In principle, we only recommend making full analyses that are based on previously identified formulation information.

    We will, where necessary, e.g. also sign non-disclosure agreements with your sub-suppliers so that the right information to carry out comprehensive assessment can be taken into account.

    For any analyses you may require, specifically "10 ppb" screenings based on GC/MS and LC/MS, global migration and specific migration of a large number of individual components, such as e.g. plasticizers (ESBO, phthalates, polyadipates, AMGs, etc.), Bisphenol A, BADGE / BFDGE/NOGE, or printing ink components such as photo initiators in the packaging and food products, we can back you up with the most modern methods of analysis available. In particular, our extensive experience in the detection of NIAS and their evaluation help you to be well equipped for any such challenge in the future.

    Based on sufficient information, also possibly obtained from your sub-suppliers, we can issue a certificate of compliance for foodstuffs(clearance certificate)for your product, which as a so-called supporting document forms the basis for your declaration of conformity. Statutory and special customer requirements should therefore no longer represent an obstacle formarketing your food contact materials.


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