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BACHMANN FORMING develops custom-made, intelligent packaging solutions and manufactures at the highest quality level: product- and production-suited, economical and market-oriented. With packaging made in the thermoforming process, we supply food as well as non-food customers. Our company has ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental), OHSAS 18001 (health and safety) as well as FSSC 22000 (hygiene) certification.



    Foodstuffs packaging sets the highest standards in hygiene (FSSC 22000), shelf life, microwavability, sterilisation and sealing capability, logistics and environment impact. Our experienced packaging experts advise you proactively and produce the solution tailored to your contents for packing.

    Over 70% of all purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. Our packaging solutions present your product in the best way and address the customer.
    Leading foodstuffs companies rely on our high-selling packaging.


    The packaging of medical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products sets high standards in hygiene, sterilisability, processing capability and safety. Since the packing processes at the customer occur in clean rooms, the closed supply chain demands the same in a correspondingly controlled environment at all stages of the production of the packaging material. Recorded seamless traceability can be taken as read. In this way we guarantee the highest process security and quality – with us your products are in safe hands.


    Ever-increasing cost pressure calls for inexpensive automation solutions that can be implemented short-term. Here a deep-drawn part is the ideal partner for flows internal or external to the company of components to be packed. Thanks to a wide range of materials, we can do justice to the varied requirements of the processing process (e.g. electrical conductivity). At the same time, thermoformed packaging provides maximum protection for minimum wall thickness and/or minimum use of materials.

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    The traditional flanging technique is replaced by deep-drawn undercut. The work stage dispensed with as a result leads to a cost saving and shorter production time. What is more, compared with the conventional solution, this blister is sparing with resources and can be further processed by machine. The edge, which runs all the way around, gives the blister great robustness, which allows the film thickness to be reduced. Another advantage is better process precision i.e. the carton and the product can be precisely centred. In addition, unlike with the seal blister, the carton and the plastic part may be disposed of separately.


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