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O. KLEINER AG manufactures high quality flexible packaging for domestic and international food and non-food markets.



    BRAINYPACK ® - the smart flexible packaging
    * for fillings of 2 - 20 L
    * spout diameter 31 and 50mm with screw cap
    * optics transparent or opaque
    * printing in flexo, digital or roto-gravour
    * integrated durable handles offer easy handling
    * precision pouring (no "glugging")
    * re-closable cap and different fitment optins offer variety of dispensing and re-closing options
    * excellent "stand-up" stability
    * excellent shelf appeal and "advertising space"
    * minimal use of raw materials an energy
    * excellent sustainability profile
    * highly cost-efficient transport
    * lower waste removal costs
    * conforms with food contact regulations


  • Digitalprint

    * DIGITAL4 - your order ready in 4 businessdays
    * dedicated plant in Digital-Center with hp20000 and a new laminating line
    * specially tailored, optimised production processes
    * up to 7 colours, defined pantone colours
    * considerably higher colour intensity


  • Flexoprint

    * up to 9 colours (8 + 1) with integrated gravure printing station; sleeve Technology
    * printing of high-coverage full-tone, high opacity colours; application of special lacquers/varnishes
    * HD-Quality *100 % visual inline-controlling-System
    * smaller to medium runs
    * efficient production of entire product groups thanks to easy and quick text and colour changes
    * combining the advantages of two printing technology


  • Gravure

    * up to 10 colours
    * highest printing Quality
    * coatings
    * 100 % visual inline-controlling-System
    * efficient production of entire product groups in highest printing quality thanks to easy and quick text and colour changes
    * large and small runs efficient due to latest technology


  • Pouches-on-a-chain

    * pouches are available in single- and multi-layer Qualities
    * features: re-closable, perforation for first-opening guarantee, Euro-hole, carrier handle, air-holes, bottom-gusset
    * system with low-cost concept
    * it replaces manual packaging perfectly
    * high flexibility due to fast and simple product change



    * peelable film, sealed on coated or lacquered tinplate or tin-free plate
    * high barrier properites with aluminium or aluminium-free
    * optional with valve
    * puncture resistant
    * printable
    * retortable
    * economical
    * production of printed and unprinted multi-layers as well as ready-made ends
    * production of large and small runs (testmarkets, promotions etc)


  • O. KLEINER AG - Climate-neutral

    From the 1st January 2016, as the first packaging company worldwide, O. KLEINER AG has again taken a pioneering role by introducing climate-neutral production! Thanks to this fact, O. KLEINER AG has been able to reduce the already modest cost of climate-neutral films and laminates.


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