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The rlc | packaging group is a highly specialized provider of innovative folding cartons for the branded goods industry with a sales market that takes in all of Europe. The company produces packaging for the Beauty, Pharma, Confectionary and Food segments. It operates specialized sites in Hanover, Berlin, Aachen (Germany), Köniz, Spreitenbach (Switzerland) and Poznań (Poland) to meet the needs of these discerning target groups by offering a full range of services from a single source – from packaging development and production through to logistics. With 1,200 employees and a sales volume of approximately EUR 225 million, the group is one of the leading folding box manufacturers in Europe. The roots of the company stretch back to 1861. For more information, visit www.rlc-packaging.com.


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Product news

  • rlc I Silk Touch


    Soft, matte finishes give products a premium look & feel that appeals to consumers. The new rlc I Silk Touch inline technology creates surfaces finishes that are as economical as they are eco-friendly and additionally are scratch resistant.

    Developed by rlc, this "Green Chic" technology - like other rlc inline processes - is produced in a single pass. And the costs are comparable to conventional varnishing processes. This is a win-win situation for consumer goods manufacturers and environmentalists alike

    All of the same benefits are available with rlc I Shine Touch. The only difference is that this process creates a high-gloss finish that is highly resistant to scratches, abrasion and fingerprints.

    If you would like to discover the haptical effect of rlc I Silk Touch just have a look at our current brainstorm cover!

  • rlc I ZetSLIDE 3


    Candy and chewing gum are top sellers in the checkout area. But when it comes to pocket-size packaging, competitors fervently vie with consumer attention. In the last issue of our customer magazine brainstorm we featured our ZetSLIDE 3 solution to show you how an astonishing design can be combined with efficient, material-friendly production and easy packing. The slide function quickly transforms a rectangle into a square and creates additional advertising space for "surprise" graphics. What began as a design study has now produced several design concepts, some of which are shown on the picture. The packaging concept was awarded with the Swiss Packaging Award 2014 and the iF design Award.

    The outer shell can be die cut in various shapes to create innumerable eye-catching designs that are cost-effective in every respect. Manufactured from a single packaging blank, ZetSLIDE 3 minimizes material waste and can be packed on standard packaging lines.

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