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  • Installation aid for optical fibre cable

    A simple Hinged-Lid Box became, with just a few modifications, a huge cost-saver.
    After adopting this clever packaging, damages of the expensive Optical Fibre cables caused by wrong handling during transportation and installation could be drastically reduced. A protective box, inserted coil and a clever mechanism are the reasons therefore.

    The ordered length of cable is rolled up on the inserted cardboard-Coil and blocked in its box to avoid uncoiling during transport and handling.
    On the building site, the Cable-assembly can be installed without further handling. The installer directly uncoils the Cable out of the recyclable packaging where needed.

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  • Cocon, in search of the perfect packaging

    All under one roof, from a team that makes even the impossible possible for their clientele. That is the backdrop for the new corporate film for Glanzmann Verpackungen
    AG in Scheuren, Switzerland.

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