Visitors' profile

Meet decision-makers from executive management, production, logistics and marketing who are on the lookout for innovative and proven solutions in the field of packaging technologies.


“A lot of information in a small, compact area. The trade fair was well laid out. It was easy to find your way about and to know where to find topics that interested you without having to walk through a whole load of stands. Brief presentations meant we were able to learn more about new, innovative topics, which was very interesting.”


Christiane Paland

Head of Trade Marketing Naturkosmetik, Weleda AG


« As a delicatessen business we focus on packaging our products in an attractive, economical way so that our customers are pleased to receive deliveries from us. I thought the trade fair was really well attended! Since we strive to be innovative we are forced to keep up with the latest developments on the packaging scene, which is why a visit to this trade fair is such a key element of our corporate development.»


Felix Burkart

Warehouse and Logistics Manager, Hugo Dubno AG