Andreas Zopfi, office manager SVI Swiss Packaging Institute

«At the World of Packaging you find the full range of expertise and know-how about packaging. The event is for us the central place to meet our core target groups which are crucial for our topics. Attending the World of Packaging is an absolute must – not only for us as association but for the whole industry.»

Philippe Dubois, president SVI Swiss Packaging Institute

«The World of Packaging is the networking platform of the Swiss packaging industry which brings together the whole sector. Sales are not the only focus of the trade show, but cultivating contacts and exchange information are in the foreground, too. This makes the World of Packaging the most important industry event of the year. »

Eugen Stadler, CEO of IGEPA ADOC AG

«We had a steady stream of visitors to our stand. In the coming days, we'll be able to see just how good the contacts are that we made. As far as printing for packaging goes, we're right at home at Verpackung Zurich. The right potential customers are here and for them, we’re exactly the right place to go. For next year, I’d like it to be even bigger – and there were one or two of our competitors that I missed here; it'd be nice if they were also represented at the show.»

Peter Sawadsky, Subsidiary Director, Bluhm Systeme GmbH

«We’ve taken part in this show four times. This year, it went exceedingly well for us. We had twice as many requests as last year. And some of those were really high-value and well qualified. The visitors came in waves – most of them were practitioners looking for specific solutions. And on the second day, we even closed a deal – which of course pleased us no end!»

Reto Klauser, Head of Sales & Marketing, Bandfix AG

«Speaking for myself, I think it was a great show and I’m very satisfied. We made real business inroads that we can follow up on. In sum, we made more contacts than last year at Verpackung, which of course pleases us.»

Angelika Dal Farra, Director of Technology and Organisation, Omnipack AG

«We were very positively received. A lot of interesting new prospects came by our stand. Next year, we’ll be back – as usual.»