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Greater speed, beauty, and consistency
Creating new possibilities in digital printing

From analog, to digital. . .
The evolution of technology has brought major innovations to printing environments and there is now a clear and growing demand for digital printing throughout the world. In pursuing digital printing that offers greater speed, beauty, and consistency, we at Konica Minolta are also striving to achieve greater levels of customer satisfaction by applying resources in the form of our own digital printing technology, broad product line, and global support system.


  • JETvarnish 3DS

    Don’t limit yourself to just beautifully printed jobs, its time to bring more value and creativity to your customers. Watch as the
    JETvarnish 3DS easily turns your printed jobs into spectacular pieces that your customers will find simply irresistible.
    You can accurately spot varnish all your digital prints thanks to an automated camera registration system (ARC), but you can
    also add variable tactile effects that will have your customers coming back for more.
    Because the JETvarnish 3DS is a completely digital system, there is no need for any expensive make ready procedures.
    Whether you are ennobling one single sheet or several thousands, the JETvarnish 3DS is where the traditional print finishing
    industry finally catches up to the advances in printing technology.

  • bizhub PRESS C70hc

    bizhub PRESS C70hc is the right solution for new print applications, satisfied customers, and more profit from print products. You will successfully attract new customers and demonstrate your expertise in tomorrow’s trends. All of this is at your command with the bizhub PRESS C70hc – with HC (High Chroma) toner for more colours than ever before, and for RGB workflows which fit perfectly with cross-media applications. This solution boasts saturation or vivid print which highlights the power of printed products.

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