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Strico AG is a highly specialised company for permanent identifications in industrial environments. We offer consulting to customers and prospects during design and implementation of identifiction solutions and we supply the specfic IDs as well.
The range of products besides the specialties includes label printing systems of SATO Labelling solutions and the complementary parts like labels or ribbons.


  • Applications

  • Woven bar codes

    Woven bar codes are mainly used to register provided services within a texile leasing system or just to gather detailed information from the work floor in order to optimize processes in laundries. The woven bar codes are offer a unique identification for every single item and can be tracked throughout cleaning and logstics services.

  • Warehouse labels

    The efficiency of a warehouse can be boosted by giving all the loations a unique identification. Every shelf location, every container, pallet and other transportation unit can be tracked througout the warehouse. There is a wide range of labelling products available from Strico AG.

  • Fireproof idetifications

    Fireproof labels are used to mark work pieces in processes where temperatures are high (up to 1'500 °C) such as manufacturing of ceramic or electronic parts, ultra sonic cleaning, etc.

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