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  • Solutions for the Packaging Industry

    The packaging industry has high demands. There are multifaceted requirements to align: the goals of mechanical engineers, producers, dealers and end users as well as globally expanding, regional but diverse markets. Furthermore, there are strict official requirements such as hygiene regulations, as well as constantly new packaging concepts that involve frequent format changes.

  • Industrial RFID systems - The right data in the right place at the right time

    For managing the flood of information in modern production operations:
    the right data in the right place at the right time.
    Your benefits
    Flexible, contact-free data communication
    Fast and robust
    Powerful and cost-effective

  • IO-Link - Just one interface for improved process quality

    We speak the language of IO-Link – in all areas
    Be it distance measurement, object detection, identification, fluid or industrial networking – Balluff speaks the language of IO-Link in all areas.
    After all, Balluff IO-Link incorporates sensors and fieldbus technology with an extremely wide range of functional principles.
    What is IO-Link?
    IO-Link is the first globally standardised IO technology (IEC 61131-9) for communicating from the control unit to the lowest level of automation. The universally usable interface is a point-to-point connection, independent of a fieldbus, which works with an unshielded industrial cable.
    What does IO-Link do?
    IO-Link transfers sensor signals to the control unit and, in turn, transfers control data to the sensor/actuator level. With ground-breaking consequences.
    Advantages of IO-Link at a glance
    Maximum machine availability through extremely fast and error-free replaceability and commissioning
    Demand-oriented maintenance thanks to advanced diagnostics
    Efficient operation through the installation of IO-Link sensors direct at the working area
    Simplified installation through uniform standard interface and 3-wire standard cable as typically used in industry

  • Ultrasonic sensors - The accurate all-rounder

    Whether your application is position detection, distance measurement, or the detection of solid, powder, or liquid media: BUS ultrasonic sensors are precise all-rounders. Regardless of the colour, transparency, and surface texture, they always perform really well. They detect:
    Objects made from practically all materials (even sound-absorbing materials)
    Liquids, pellets, and powder (direct)
    Their detection range is between 25 mm and 6 m, so larger object gaps are no problem. Their high resolution and small blind zones ensure top precision. BUS ultrasonic sensors are distinguished by their output signal. Thanks to a switching and an analogue design, they can reliably detect and count objects as well as determining distances extremely accurately. This guarantees a wide range of applications. But there's more: thanks to various output functions, our ultrasonic sensors can be used as normally closed or normally open sensors.
    Your benefits
    Contact-free detection
    Reliable even in critical ambient conditions with lots of dirt, dust, or mist
    Irrespective of the colour, transparency, reflection properties, and surface texture of the object
    Accurate detection even of small objects
    Cuboid and cylinder designs for added constructional freedom
    A further benefit: extra reliability and lower costs
    In addition, an analogue ultrasonic sensor can take on the function of a second sensor. One or two switching points can be used as required. Work can be purely analogue or analogue with two switching points. This provides more flexibility, greater efficiency, and increases the reliability of the application.

  • Solutions for Level Detection

    High-quality sensors and systems with a variety of effective principles open up wide-ranging applications. The extensive selection of products provides solutions for your specific requirements. Balluff technology has proven its ability in level detection in a wide assortment of industries. This includes in pharmaceuticals, the food and beverage industry, semiconductor technology, hydraulic systems, as well as machine tools.

Product news

  • Profinet: push-pull module for fibre-optic cables and copper cables

    FOC or copper
    Balluff has extended its range of Profinet modules to include push-pull variants. These are available with fibre-optic cables (FOC) or with copper cable connection. Both versions have the push-pull connection technology for field bus and power cables specified by AIDA (Automatisierungs-Initiative Deutscher Automobilhersteller (Automation Initiative of German Car Manufacturers)). This makes the cabling extremely easy to install.
    FOC and copper
    There is also a module which combines the best of both worlds because is provides both an FOC (SCRJ) and a copper (RJ45) push-pull connection. A further benefit: For conversion from a copper to a fibre-optic cable, this EA module does not require an extra external module. The modules will be available at the beginning of 2015.
    FOC connection
    FOC connection is recommended for highly available, data-intensive applications. With the potential insulation supplied as standard, equalisation currents and surges can be avoided effectively.
    Additional features: Display, integrated switch and web server
    As with all the Balluff Ethernet-based IO-Link masters, the push-pull modules also have an integrated display for providing information and additional diagnostics. The integrated switch is used to set up a Profinet line structure. The integrated web server displays the module status together with all the current information required for advanced diagnostics.
    IO-Link 1.1
    All the functions of IO-Link 1.1 are available to the push-pull modules via the 8 IO-Link ports

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