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5426 Lengnau AG

CCL Label AG produces self adhesive labels and supplies labeling devices and apliances including service and support. We service all industries with labels for promotion, product decoration and logistics. Furthermore we are specialized in labels for special functions developped by our inhouse development team. more than labels - expect more from us, no matter what solution you need, CCL Label AG is your partner.

Product news

  • Security against Germs!

    Perlazid® labels and foils for every surface. Efficient protection from bacteria and fungi!

    -The solution for all surfaces that need to be free from bacteria and fungi (i.e. Touch Screens)
    -Any design possible in terms of size, color and form
    -Foil with permanent, removable or even without adhesive. For evry surface the right solution!
    -Very high efficacy
    -50% of all bacteria and fungi eliminated after 30 minutes
    -99.999% of all bacteria and fungi eliminated after 3-7 hours

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