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  • Tamper Evident

    The EU Directive 2011/62 / EU adopted in 2011 created the legal framework for a Europe-wide security system to fight counterfeit medicines. From February 2019, all drug packages of prescription medicines and the like must be available. a. have an original closure as a security feature.
    As so-called Tamper Evident labels, seal labels are particularly suitable. With the Tamper Evident labeller, Bluhm Systeme offers a space-saving, efficient and reliable solution for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries.

  • Print & Apply

    Label printers and label dispensers are used for fully automatic printing and positioning of labels on products, trays, packaging and pallets. We develop together with you your individual labeling system, since each production process has features such. Assembly line speed or clock rate, data transfer from your EDP system, required resolution, label size, content, position, etc.

  • Continuous-Inkjet-Drucker

    With Linx inkjet systems, different information can be easily and quickly printed on the product or the packaging. Outer packagings such as cartons, sacks and shrink films as well as in the storage and dispatch area are in demand for large and bold fonts in high resolution.
    Integrated real-time clock, sequential numbering, batch coding, etc. are standard printing features. With a printhead can be coded up to 5 lines in one operation.

  • Labels

    Weber labels and foils are suited for every application, for every surface and for all materials and in sizes.

    Different Label types:
    We offer you many labelling solutions, perfectly matched to the requirements of a broad range of business. These may include products for the retail trade (tear-resistant display labels), for the police and authorities (e.g. safety labels), the automobile industry (solvent-resistant labels), the beverage industry (beer barrels and kegs) and logistics (barcode labels for freight marking).

  • Fully Automatic Labeling Machines: GESET

    Geset labelling machine

    Fast, reliable, economical solutions to product labelling: Geset 100, 300 and 700 labelling machines are part of a modular system.Up to 50 modules are available for design solutions to customer demands.

  • Drop-On-Demand Inkjet-Printer (DOD)

    With the various control units of the Markoprint product line, BluhmWeber is the only manufacturer worldwide that can centrally control three printing technologies.
    In addition to the HEWLETT PACKARD writing heads for high-resolution small-code coding and the proven TRIDENT writing heads for large coding, the newly developed industrial writing heads from FUNAI are now also supported. Whether Windows control systems, high-speed or standard systems - all variants offer a variety of combination options to master every print requirement in the highest quality: fast, non-contact, on absorbent and non-absorbent materials.

  • Label Printer

    Our desktop printer selection gives you the best solution in terms of resolution, label width, interface, label quantity and possible options, such as knife or RFID capability. The individual printing of the labels, for example with lot numbers from the current production, an EAN code or barcode, takes place via a corresponding interface.

  • Label Dispenser

    The label dispenser Alpha HSM not only offers excellent performance. Thanks to his unique modular design, he is a real "quick-change artist". Like a chameleon, the Alpha HSM labeller can perfectly adapt to tight-fitting environments. The system allows preprinted labels to be applied to products and packaging quickly and accurately positioned.
    Through special seals, Alpha HSM achieves IP65 protection and does not need to be enclosed when used in damp and dusty environments.
    Depending on the system, labels with widths of 10 mm to 320 mm can be donated and label rolls with a diameter of up to 500 mm can be processed. Labeling speeds of up to 150 meters per minute or a clocking rate of up to 2,000 labels per minute can be achieved.
    A web-based control is also possible.

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